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Senior content creators known as ‘granfluencers’ are changing the influencer status quo

By Shannon Flynn

Feb 28, 2022


Granfuencers or Instagrannies claim their fame on social networks like TikTok and Instagram. No longer is it a young person’s game. The recent wave of new influencers has come to light, consisting of web-savvy seniors.

What are granfluencers?

Granfluencers aren’t like the typical influencers you follow on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube. They’re hip senior citizens that are taking over the internet. Think glam grannies and grandpas with swag. These influencers are also popping up more in paid partnerships and sponsored posts with big-name brands. Granfluencers cover any range of topics but are predominantly in the fashion and lifestyle niche. Essentially, senior citizens are taking advantage of the untapped market, sharing their favourite products—and, it’s working. 

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People have been longing for old-fashioned, wholesome content since the challenges of when the pandemic first hit. Now, your typical heartwarming grandmother can be seen enjoying a product she loves and having fun with the latest TikTok challenges.

How granfluencers are breaking the ceiling of social media representation

Many are accustomed to the idea that an influencer is young with massive followings. But societal views are changing, even for consumers. For example, a tech-focused company wouldn’t particularly establish a partnership with elderly influencers since it’s not the most instinctual choice. They would typically pick a collaboration with someone like Linus Sebastion, a Canadian tech influencer with 11.4 million YouTube subscribers.

But since 2020, consumer perceptions and behaviours have shifted. Now, tech-focused companies are diversifying their representation in the consumer tech industry as a whole. The misconception about older people not being interested in learning about new tech and trends is different now. Senior citizens are becoming more tech-savvy and using that to build their personal brands on social media platforms.

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4 granfluencers everybody’s loving right now

1. BaddieWinkle

Her “Stealing your man since 1928” tagline and BaddieWinkle’s overall brand make the 92-year-old one of the most famous granfluencers today.

2. The Old Gays

From TikTok to Instagram, The Old Gays are taking part in the rise of senior influencers. This adoring group of four members breaks the internet with their charm and funny skits. With 5.7 million followers on TikTok, these content creators are crushing it with their views on pop culture and ageing as gay men.


How did we become Old Gays? 🚶‍♂️#straight #bi #gay

♬ original sound - The Old Gays

The Old Gays range in ages from the mid-60s to late 70s and first made their appearance on Grindr’s YouTube channel. Now, they’re getting their own docuseries, according to NBC News. Their videos are popular among young and old crowds alike.

3. Carla Rockmore

Granfluencer Carla Rockmore is swaying TikTok with her love for bold colours, vibrant style and designer shoes. Beloved by her followers, they’ve deemed her as the real-life Carrie Bradshaw. This fashionista has one million followers on TikTok and ensembles new outfits—taking a whole new level of eclecticism each day.

Though only 54, the Dallas fashion designer takes pride in sharing with her audience how she expresses herself flamboyantly through her wardrobe, regardless of her age. She loves discussing what she has in her closet, and her followers are all over it.

4. Old Man Steve

The internet is getting even more wholesome content with Stephen Austin’s cooking videos on TikTok. Austin also goes by Old Man Steve, an account where he posts simple cooking videos dubbed “Cooking with Steve.”

Austin gives fans the quick reminder they need to eat their breakfast—and people are obsessed. This famous TikToker constantly receives messages from fans asking him to be their grandpa. Since he doesn’t have children or grandchildren, he feels all the joy from the love he gets from his followers. 

Granfluencers break the stigmas

It’s easy to believe that the older generations aren’t able to learn how to use social media and, in turn, jump on other trends. But this is not the case. Seniors can be tech-savvy if they’re taught how to be in the first place. They’re now making their presence known on social media platforms. All in all, there’s a potential for the influencer marketing industry to grow exponentially. As senior citizens continue to join this bandwagon, this will open doors for brands to include granfluencers as part of their marketing. And it’s about time.