TikToker Victoria Paris slammed for comments about Paris bed bugs epidemic

By Fatou Ferraro Mboup

Published Oct 16, 2023 at 04:04 PM

Reading time: 2 minutes

Okay, so we’ve probably all heard about the recent bed bug crisis plaguing France, a predicament that has triggered a political row, with Paris city hall urgently calling for action before the upcoming Summer 2024 Olympic Games. French transport minister Clément Beaune has even summoned train and bus operators to prevent these bloodsucking insects from multiplying on seats.

Panic and disgust have rippled across the country, fueled by images and videos shared by travellers, supposedly seeing these unwelcome bedfellows on the Paris local transport system, high-speed trains, and even at Charles de Gaulle airport. The reactions have been extreme, with some passengers vowing to stand rather than risk sitting on infested seats, and the situation has also allegedly spread its wings across the Channel to London.

Amid this bedbug uproar, a young influencer named Victoria Paris decided to weigh in. In a now-deleted video, she made comments that raised more than a few eyebrows. The TikTok creator recently threw her hat into the ring during France’s ongoing bed bug battle.

Her words? “Do you know who really gets affected by the bed bugs? People who can’t afford 5-star hotels.” Ouch! To add a twist, she even tried to draw a parallel between the bed bug situation and the hate that Asian people faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.


What was she thinking?! Victoria Paris had to take down one of her videos immediately after posting about the bed bug situation in Paris #victoriaparis #victoriaparisbedbugs #paris #parisbedbugs #bedbugs #fyp

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Needless to say, her comments set off a wildfire of negative backlash online. People were left utterly shocked by her statements, and her video was taken down quicker than you can say ‘bed bug’, but the internet never forgets…

What Victoria Paris seemed to overlook was the very real plight faced by people who have encountered these unwanted guests in various public places. Her assertion that “5-star hotels and rich people” won’t be affected was ridiculous and false, which only added fuel to the fire of controversy.

But Victoria Paris isn’t a stranger to controversy. If we take a walk down memory lane, we’ll stumble upon an encounter she had with none other than Brianna Chickenfry. The TikTok starlet recalled her first meeting with Victoria, labelling her as “literally one of the worst people I’ve ever met.” It all went down at a New York party, where Victoria decided to share her shopping habits, proudly proclaiming that she’d only be buying thrifted clothes while comparing her look to what Brianna was wearing.


So, Victoria Paris, what were you thinking? Your comments on the bed bug issue and your rather unique approach to social interactions have left many scratching their heads. While we appreciate TikTok for its array of entertaining content, perhaps it’s time for a little dose of humility and a quick reality check for certain influencers.

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