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6 things you need to know about the Maui wildfires and how to help

By Fatou Ferraro Mboup

Published Aug 18, 2023 at 12:51 PM

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As wildfires continue to rage across Maui, Hawaii, the idyllic paradise is grappling with a multifaceted crisis. The escalating disaster has shed light on issues ranging from climate change’s relentless impact to the allocation of resources amid an influx of tourists. Climate change-related factors, including high winds and drought, coupled with human-induced alterations to Hawaii’s landscape, have been cited by wildfire experts and ecologists as the instigators of these fires.

These conditions could pave the way for more such catastrophic events, raising the pressing question of how Hawaii intends to safeguard its rich heritage in the future. Here’s everything you need to know about the heartbreaking situation and what you can do to help.

1. Wildfires and the ongoing search and rescue efforts

These wildfires mark the deadliest the US has experienced in over a century, ravaging the Hawaiian island of Maui. Ignited on 8 August 2023, these fires have claimed the lives of more than 100 individuals, with an additional 1,000 still unaccounted for. The flames have consumed homes, vast expanses of land, and precious natural habitats. The firefighting teams, alongside first responders, are tirelessly working to contain the infernos and conduct search and rescue missions for those missing amid the chaos.

2. Climate change is amplifying fire risks

The wildfires are a stark reminder of the increasing threat of climate change-induced disasters. Rising temperatures and prolonged drought conditions have created a perfect storm for wildfires to thrive. As the global climate crisis intensifies, the frequency and severity of such events are likely to continue escalating, emphasising the need for urgent action to address climate change.


More intense video of the wildfires in Maui. This was historic Front Street in Downtown Lahaina, home to many restaurants, shops, bed and breakfasts and hotels, many are charred rubble including Fleetwood’s (owned by Mick Fleeteood of Fleetwood Mac) on Front Street. #hawaii #maui #lahaina #wildfires #fyp #trendingnow

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3. Tourist crowds amplifying the crisis

Hawaii’s popularity as a tourist destination has inadvertently compounded the ongoing crisis. The influx of visitors has stretched resources thin, diverting attention from aiding residents and addressing the wildfires’ aftermath. The current situation highlights the necessity of managing tourism sustainably, ensuring that local communities’ needs are prioritised even during emergencies.

Recent concerns from local residents have also brought attention to the lack of compassion displayed by some of these tourists, who are still on vacation and act as though nothing has ever happened.

4. Limited resources and the dilemma for residents

A crucial predicament has emerged as the fires rage on—the allocation of essential resources. The wildfires’ impact on infrastructure, coupled with the resource demands of the tourist industry, has left locals grappling with shortages of basic necessities. The urgency of providing for both residents and visitors has spotlighted the complex challenges that arise when a paradise faces unforeseen emergencies.


Replying to @msbrooks152 Hawaii is not just a tourist destination, it’s an entire culture and home to over 100,000 people, tourists especially need to stop visiting whilst this devastating disaster continues to happen. The death toll in Maui, Hawaii has now hit over 100. We asked the public about their thoughts and opinions on the devastating wildfires happening right now. #hawaii #hawaiiwildfire #westmaui #maui #mauiwildfire

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5. The backlash faced by Oprah and other celebrities

Media tycoon Oprah Winfrey is under the glare of public scrutiny for her decision not to open up her sprawling 1,000-acre Hawaii estate as a shelter for those reeling from the catastrophe. This stark choice has ignited a fervent discussion, shining a spotlight on the ethical obligations that rest on the shoulders of prominent figures during times of community upheaval.


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Billionaire heiress Paris Hilton was also captured enjoying the waters of a Maui beach merely 30 miles away from the catastrophic wildfire that has reduced an entire town to ashes. The reality TV icon swiftly landed in the luxurious resort community of Wailea shortly after sharing her vacation escapades in Greece, which she hailed as an “incredible escape” after weeks of engaging in “performances, shoots, and mommy duties.” The images of her joyful family holiday sharply contrasted with the grim reality just a short drive away, where locals were compelled to seek refuge in the sea to evade the engulfing flames.


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6. Urgent calls for action and why you shouldn’t visit Maui now

“In the weeks ahead, the collective resources and attention of the federal, state, and county government, the West Maui community, and the travel industry must be focused on the recovery of residents who were forced to evacuate their homes and businesses,” tourism authorities stated.

It is necessary to respond carefully given how environmental issues and local dynamics are converging. If you are looking to provide support from a distance, there are several organisations accepting financial contributions. These include the Hawaii Community Foundation, the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement, Maui United Way, and the Maui Food Bank. GoFundMe also has a running list of verified fundraisers. For more places to donate, see here.

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