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The best oral sex simulators to spice up your sex toy collection

By Harriet Piercy

Mar 2, 2021


The array of sex toys available on the market has an incomprehensible wingspan, so let’s just put it this wayit can be hard to choose which one to treat yourself next with, especially when you prefer to tango as a two. Unfortunately, we are still in lockdowns all over the globe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have epic orgasms. Albeit possibly not with hot strangers or partners but, that being said, sex tech is hot too. Here are some of the spiciest (and most efficient) oral sex simulators.

Dame’s Aer suction toy

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Vagina havers, if you enjoy a little downtown action, say hello to this little friend. Dame’s Aer uses airflow technology to stimulate the clitoris, and although there are, as we said earlier, many other oral sex toys out there,  Aer is a little different. It’s not just a suction toy with a mouth (that feels as though someone else’s lips are in your pants), but it also has a larger mouth than other toys as well as a softer material, which makes it easier to satisfy whatever body shape you have. It also can be lent to a little nipple play, if you’re into that.

Dame’s lead mechanical engineer, Amanda Couto, told Wellandgood that “By combining a larger opening with its ergonomic shape, Aer makes it easy to place it exactly where you want it and form a more consistent seal with the surface of the body.”

You might be thinking that a suction toy, by literal description, is not exactly what one would typically want in human to human oral sex. I thought the same, but when it comes to toys—it’s a whole different story. Instead of ‘sucking’, Aer uses more of a rhythmic gradient of pulses, mimicking the tongue that you can’t have on your private delicacy while we’re socially distant. You can also use it in the shower, just putting that out there!

Lelo’s Ora

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If you like a vibrator, but still want the external sensation that oral sex gifts us with, let Lelo’s ORA™ 3 set you free. Basically, this little toy vibrates—so you can use it as such—but it also has a feature that feels like a vibrating tongue is circling around your clit. Think the best head you’ve ever had, only this one never has to end and won’t make you anxiously wonder ‘are they bored down there yet?’

It’s also waterproof, just putting that out there for a second time. Another thing to note is that the vibrations of ORA react to the contact with your body, so the harder you press, the stronger the vibes. Intuitive, wouldn’t you say? It’s also quiet, but you don’t have to be.

Fantasy for Her’s Ultimate Pleasure Dual Oral Sex Simulator

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This is a dual oral sex simulator and g-spot vibrator, and yes, it does look a tad intimidating. But we’re talking oral sex here, do I need to say more? This baby licks (like in an actual licking motion), it sucks, and it vibrates.

On one end of it there are two interchangeable suction cups that take your whole clitoris and labia into its consideration, or mouth, whatever way you want to see it. The other end doubles up as a g-spot massager. Hello! Please and thank you very much. Also, waterproof. It is a little on the vocal side itself however, so this is for uber social isolator-isolators. I’d also tend to say it was for the wilder folk out there, who have a little more intensity to their stamina, because even on a lower setting—the tongue is decently firm, and the suction has a mouthful. It won’t release you easily either, I’ll just leave you to figure out what I’m saying with that.

Good luck, lovelies! And have fun. And if you’re lucky enough to have a human sex toy, I dare you to try a sex game.