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The most searched sex questions on Google in the UK

When it comes to embarrassing queries, Google has definitely seen the worst of it. From the many people wondering about the meaning of life and the ones who forgot what five times eleven equals to, to the 12-year-olds all around the world searching for terms such as ‘big boobs’ or ‘naked woman’, it’s safe to say that we find it easier to ask complicated (read mortifying) questions to our search engine instead of our friends or family. And, as you probably guessed it by now, because you’re part of it too, sex-related queries are among the most Googled questions—a recent Google study even showed that last month, in the UK, there have been precisely 449,590 of those.

This inspired the experts at ShowersToYou to scrape the internet to find out what sort of questions are being asked exactly and by whom. Taking to Google Adwords, ShowersToYou found questions including ‘sex’, ‘condoms’, ‘lube’, ‘penis size’ and more. Interested in which regions are the most curious about sex, the company also looked into the regional breakdown of sex-related queries.


And guess which region had the highest number of searches that included the word ‘sex’? If you pointed the finger at London, you were right! The capital ranked number one with 135,000 monthly searches, followed by the South East with 68,500 monthly searches and the North West with 40,480 searches.

The types of questions being asked on Google included ‘how to have sex?’, ‘when’s the best time to have sex?’ and ‘Is it ok to have sex every day?’.


London was also revealed as the region where the term ‘condoms’ was searched the most, with 8,100 searches in a month. The North West followed behind with 3,090 searches. Most searched questions included ‘what condoms feel the best?’, ‘do condoms kill the feeling?’ and ‘which condoms are the safest?’.

As for the cities asking the most questions about condoms, Birmingham comes second after London with 1,600 monthly searches. In third and fourth place come Manchester and Bristol with 720 searches each.


The region looking for the word ‘lube’ the most after London, of course, which ranked first with 3,600 monthly searches, is the North West with 1,670 searches. The types of questions being asked include ‘what does lube do for women?’, ‘what is good lube?’ and ‘does lube have side effects?’.

Penis size

As you’ve probably figured by now—at least, I sure hope you have—London always came first when it comes to sex-related searches, even the ones about ‘penis size’. London had 1,300 monthly searches while the North West had 360 and the West Midlands 310 searches.

City-wise, 170 people in Birmingham had penis size-related queries and 110 in Bristol.

While this data should be taken with a pinch of salt—even I can admit to questionable Google searches when bored—this recent research highlights the UK’s obsession with all things sex-related. And who could blame us? There’s nothing wrong with it, on the contrary, I almost feel reassured knowing how many people wonder about the most efficient condoms or whether lube can help their partner receive more pleasure.

While I can say for sure that many (like, a lot) of these Google searches are utterly ridiculous and should probably be asked to some sort of professional, it seems like most of the UK’s sex-related queries seem somewhat healthy. Let’s celebrate this small victory while we can—or before someone publishes a survey on the most searched questions of 2020…

Top 10 of the sexiest movies to watch on Else Cinema right now

The sexiest movies to watch

Let’s be honest here, who has never rewatched a steamy movie scene just to feel the thrill of great on-screen chemistry once more? I know the answer is yes for a lot of you, just like I now know why I religiously watched so many of those lousy chick flicks as a teen; for the exhilarating thrill that I used to feel when the main characters would (finally) get it on. Growing up, we usually ditch the cheesy movies and end up looking for this exact same feeling in other types of movies, some more mature ones.

If, like me, you’re on a constant quest for the hottest movies out there, I’ve listed the sexiest ones to watch on Else Cinema, my new go-to streaming platform when it comes to erotica. Looking for a sensual romance? Else Cinema has got it. Are you more into passionate affairs? Don’t stress, Else Cinema is here for that too! Here’s my top 10 of the sexiest movies to watch on Else Cinema right now. You’re welcome.

The one for all your lockdown fantasies

Did you just spend a few months working from home, stuck in a chain of video calls? If so, you might have thought about the hot potential of webcams when it comes to erotic experiences—my techy-but-horny self definitely did. Well, SkypeSex, directed by the founder of Else Cinema and erotic film director, screenwriter and producer, Erika Lust herself, is the answer to all your lockdown dreams and hopes.

The one for your solo sesh

One of the best feelings (or worst if you expected someone there with you, it truly depends on the situation) is getting comfortable in your bed alone, fully knowing you’re about to enjoy a relaxing solo session, if you know what I mean. But getting in the mood for it can sometimes be tricky. Fear no more, Be a Hero is probably the hottest movie you could watch while literally enjoying yourself. Short and sweet, it’ll get you off in no time.

The one for your artsy needs

Sometimes, I feel like I’m on the hunt for something more subliminal—something that will arouse me in every sense of the term; physically, for sure, but also mentally. The Gardener depicts hot, neon-lit sweaty people having suffocatingly erotic fun in what looks like a muggy jungle. If you’ve always had a thing for succulents and cacti, then you’re in for a treat.

The one for the Tinder aftermath

As much fun as Tinder can be at first, the thrill of the dating app often fades away only to be quickly replaced by constant left swiping and unopened DMs filled with cringey one-liners. That’s usually when people know the thrill is gone and it’s time for them to go look somewhere else—anywhere Else really. Well, Tinder Taxi is the story of a woman who, after going through that same process, finds her new interest in the front seat of a taxi. Maybe that sounds cliché but trust me, it’s just pure hotness.

Can’t wait to go through the whole list before testing Else Cinema? We feel you, no judgement here! Click here to enjoy your one-month free subscription on Else Cinema. Don’t thank us babes, just enjoy!

Top 10 of the sexiest movies to watch on Else Cinema right now

The one for all the nature lovers out there

Remember the first kiss that Oliver and Elio share in Call Me By Your Name? Although Oliver doesn’t let him finish, Elio sneaks in a little hand action on a grassy riverbank and the fact that this scene never went further left so many of us frustrated for days. That’s where The Outdoor Compilation comes in. From a warm summer’s day taking place in the 70s to a hike that turned into another sweaty activity, the one-hour-long compilation doesn’t miss a beat. If you’ve always had a little self-display fantasy out in the open air, The Outdoor Compilation is the one for you.

The one with a complex storyline

Ever heard of a gripping psychological thriller with steamy erotica that will keep you hooked until the very end? Me either, until now. Made of different episodes put together into one movie, Perspective follows a couple in the final days of their marriage and shows the real impact that emotion plays in relationships. Each episode delves into the complexity of a modern relationship and depicts both partners’ perspective, creating a captivating yet sexy cinematography. What more could you ask for?

The one for the dirty talk enthusiasts

Let’s mention dirty talk while we’re at it, how could we not? While it can sometimes be the sexiest thing ever, dirty talk can often scare people away, which is a shame. Want to reignite your love for dirty talk? Just watch A Talk Too Dirty, which tells the story of a trendy couple celebrating their anniversary on a romantic trip to Barcelona. One thing leading to another, they decide to spice things up by playing a little game and end up experimenting with dirty talk. Oohlala!

The one for a romantic evening

To all my lovey-dovey peeps out there, don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you. If dirty talk is not your bag, Else Cinema has a full category devoted to the lovey-dovey genre, which is basically a softer, more sensual approach to erotica. My favourite one, My Moaning Neighbor tells the story of a man trying to work from home and struggling to concentrate because his neighbour makes sure to be really loud every time she sleeps with someone.

Armed with a noisy hoover and a compilation of barking dogs, the man finally makes himself heard by his neighbour who ends up knocking on his door. You guessed it, the fight turns into a make out session and more. If your date is not getting the signals you’ve been sending them since you both got back to your place, trust me, this will do the trick.

The one for the ultra-kinky ones

Have you pretty much seen it all, tried it all? Then, The Ultimate Kink will probably be the movie that will push you to look further. In it, a female couple who have clearly tried it all realise that they’ve missed one last thing: a man. I won’t ruin the fun by revealing too much but let’s just say the guest quickly realises he’s not playing with beginners…

The one for the ‘I’m always in a rush’ types

Are you as busy as everyone seems to constantly be? Or perhaps you simply don’t have the attention span needed to watch a one-hour-long—what am I saying—a 20-minute-long movie? I feel you, and I’ve got your back. Honeydew is sexy, sweet and short. 6 minutes long, this bite-sized movie focuses on honey and its many benefits once spread on something other than a piece of toast.

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