JoJo Siwa fans shocked to discover performer’s mother started bleaching her hair when she was 2 years old

By Charlie Sawyer

Published Apr 16, 2024 at 03:25 PM

Reading time: 1 minute

I think it’s safe to say that the entire world has JoJo Siwa on the brain. Whether it’s her $50,000 veneers, the authenticity of her new single ‘Karma’, or the fact that she claimed to have invented “gay pop,” people are truly obsessed with talking about the former reality TV star. Our latest fascination? Siwa’s seemingly interesting relationship with her mum Jessalynn.

Netizens were first introduced to Jessalynn and JoJo Siwa in 2013 when the young star was only nine years old. Placing her daughter into the limelight on the highly popular show Dance Moms, Jessalynn quickly entered the coveted realm of ‘show moms’. So, it came as no surprise when audiences found out that Jessalynn had been bleaching Siwa’s hair blonde since the age of two…


ICONIC. @itsjojosiwa #dancemoms #fyp #foryoupage #jojosiwa

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Look, as a fellow blonde, I understand the desire to maintain the look. But bleaching from the age of two feels a little extreme.

Lately, Siwa has been dominating headlines and a lot of people have been unearthing clips from the presenter’s childhood. And, in doing so, people realised that Jessalynn made sure to take every precaution so that Siwa dominated.

People were definitely shocked to find out that Siwa’s hair had been through it for well over a decade:

Interestingly, Jessalynn has also been trending recently after she attended one of Siwa’s performances and witnessed her daughter put on one hell of a show. On Sunday 14 April, Siwa took the stage at Miami Beach Pride.


jojos words of wisdom 🤫🌈 @JoJo Siwa #miamibeach #pride

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seeing jojo siwa was actually the best and funniest thing i have experienced @JoJo Siwa #fypシ #fyp #jojosiwa #jojo #miami #miamibeach #pride

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There were a couple of raunchy moments during Siwa’s performance—a pretty normal occurrence for any pride act. However, some people were shocked to see Jessalynn in the audience, presumably thinking that it was not appropriate for Siwa’s mother to watch.

Personally, I think Siwa’s mother was likely only there to ensure JoJo didn’t end up claiming to also have invented R&B or House music. That girl needs a little bit of supervision every now and then.

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