Will Jenna Ortega return for season 5 of You? Fans share the wildest theories for the show’s finale

By Abby Amoakuh

Published May 14, 2024 at 12:44 PM

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Hello, you. We got some updates on the fifth and final season of Netflix’s hit show You, which will take us back to where it all started: New York City. A famous city filled with people either living their dreams or still chasing them in a financial, intellectual, and cultural centre point of this world. How exciting.

Filming for season five reportedly started in March 2024, after several delays due to the 2023 Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

But now that production seems to be in full mode again, let’s take a look at the actors added to the cast and the storylines we can expect to see unravel in the upcoming finale.

What is You about?

Based on a series of novels by Caroline Kepnes, the show focuses on Joe Goldberg, a bookshop owner, literary snob, and self-destructive romantic with a habit of stalking and killing the women he claims to love, as well as anyone else who gets off his romances.

In the final season, our protagonist is finally ready to accept that he’s not a good person, despite his previous insistence on the contrary. The last minutes even thematically play the soft tunes of ‘Anti-Hero’ by Taylor Swift as Joe talks us through his new reality.

This doesn’t mean that he is planning on changing though. Oh no, in the series finale, we see him fully giving into his dark side and pledging to murder anyone who stands in the way of him and his new wife conquering the world. This paves the path for a tumultuous new season.

Who will be starring in season five of You?

Penn Badgley will unsurprisingly make a return as the infamous serial killer and stalker Joe Goldberg. Newly released images also show that Charlotte Ritchie will reprise her role as Joe’s newest wife, the ultra-rich Kate Galvin.

Next to them, we can expect to see Pete Ploszek from Parks & Recreation, Anna Camp from the Pitch Perfect film series, Madeline Brewer from The Handmaid’s Tale, and Griffin Matthews from She-Hulk: Attorney At Law to name a few.

So what will happen in season five of You?

If we orientate ourselves by the books, people in New York will start to realise that Joe isn’t exactly as innocent as he always seems. In the third book, Dr Nicky, whom Joe framed for Beck’s murder, and a police officer will piece the puzzle together about two murders committed by the now wealthy and influential man. This could potentially deliver the justice for his victims many fans have been waiting for.

If Joe is now living a very public life and flaunting his wealth, there are many, many people in New York who will recognise him and probably not take too well to him being able to leave like this.

Since Tati Gabrielle is also supposed to return as Marienne Bellamy, a woman Joe has kidnapped and almost murdered, we can expect some tension and a savage plot twist since Joe still thinks that the French American is dead…

Will Jenna Ortega return as Ellie?

Many might have forgotten the character of Ellie, a young girl whose life was ruined when Joe’s ex-wife Love murdered her older sister and legal guardian. Joe told Eliie to run away, rather than be submitted to the foster care system he was forced to grow up in (they didn’t exactly do a great job now, did they), and began to send her money while she was on the run.

Will their paths cross again in New York City?

The series’ creators had every plan to bring Jenna Ortega back for season four. Even though this reappearance didn’t pan out, there’s still hope that Ortega could return for the show’s fifth and final season, although nothing has been confirmed yet.

And that’s a wrap on everything we know so far. Stay tuned for more updates!

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