Drake responds to his nudes being leaked just hours ago

By Abby Amoakuh

Published Feb 6, 2024 at 05:47 PM

Reading time: 1 minute


When the words “Drake leak” started trending on X today, Tuesday 6 February 2024, fans of the 37-year-old Canadian rapper naturally assumed that the leak was in relation to new music. To their surprise, it wasn’t illicit music that was being shared across the internet, but a video that seems to depict the musician pleasuring himself on a sofa. And yes, we got to see everything.

The controversial clip first landed on social media on Monday 5 February. The video, which has now likely been seen by millions of people, showed one of the world’s most famous artists spread out on a cream-coloured sofa while wearing a black hoodie and seemingly no pants. Due to the sounds in the background, fans are speculating that the video was filmed on his private jet.

In the clip, Drake, actually called Aubrey Drake Graham, seems to be casually scrolling through his phone which is in one hand and holding his penis in the other one. Netizens did not hold back when it came to their online reactions:


At the moment, it is not known who shared the clip. It also has not been confirmed yet whether it is truly the rapper in the video. Despite the uncertainty, the clip quickly spread like wildfire on X and other social platforms, causing Drake’s name to trend.

Video gamer and online personality Adin Ross, who is in contact with Drake, even decided to send him a voice memo about the video during a live stream. “God damn. You’re blessed with your voice. You’re blessed with performing. You’re blessed to be you, you’re blessed to be number one. But you’re also blessed to have a fucking missile,” Ross said.

“He just texted me, he put like eight laughing emojis,” Ross stated after apparently receiving a response from the rapper. “He said, ‘This might be my next album intro’.”

Other than his response to Ross, Drake has not yet commented on the video.

It should be pointed out that despite the many compliments, the sharing of intimate pictures is a form of abuse that is criminalised in most countries, including the UK. A celebrity status and public interest in one’s life doesn’t exclude figures like Drake from a right to privacy, especially when it comes to highly personal and sensitive material like this.

Whether real or fabricated, this leak places Drake among the many celebrities who have experienced their nude photos leaked. This unfortunate incident includes celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Vanessa Hudgens, Chris Evans, Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence and Bella Thorne.

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