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The expected changes in social media

By Alma Fabiani

Aug 19, 2021


Online interactions, virtual meetings, parties and all sorts of social engagements have become the norm. There has also been an increase in the use of and proliferation of new social media channels. Social media as a construct is changing and developing faster than any other online social interaction. That’s why, in this article, we will examine some of the main changes to expect in social media over the short to medium term.

VR is likely to make further inroads into social media

One of the biggest players in the social media space, Facebook realised the importance of VR and brought out Oculus. The idea has been, and is, that virtual reality will take our online social interactions to the next level. People are looking to be in a position to use social media or interact on a virtual basis, providing the opportunity to meet and greet, but also to meet while in settings like at where you can now all be at the same table or slot machines, and yet be located in different places around the world. Using VR and screen time, or meeting software we are now able to share our screens, play the same games and share these gaming experiences.

Live streaming will be more popular and easier to use

Social media livestreaming is increasingly popular and video software now allows users to share live video in real-time. Audiences and consumers now expect to see live video content from their brands and from those that they follow online. Live self-broadcasting is a critical component of social media, and it is expected to continue to grow in relation to its use and popularity on social media. It has to be authentic and unrehearsed, and this is one of the things that differentiates it from media advertising.

Longer stories as content is a growing trend

It’s a change that is not necessarily related to the improvement of technology, but people are sharing more, and the idea of a longer story as an integral component of social media is a growing trend. Many believed that the attention economy would last longer than it did, but we are now moving steadily into an era of long-term video content. The aim is to be able to hold the viewer or social media user for long enough for the information shared to resonate and create meaning. This is the best way to create repeat traffic and the longer forms of content are arguably best at doing this.

Social commerce and influencing are becoming the norm on social media

More social media users are monetising their social media platforms. Celebrity endorsements were the first form of influencer marketing, and this has grown to a point where anyone with a substantial social media platform can command the big bucks to drive brand and product awareness.

Social media is changing and as the generational demands from the various platforms change and the technology improves, so too will the manner in which social media grows and evolves.