7 times TikTokers have caught Hermes drivers stealing packages in the worst ways possible

By Monica Athnasious

Published Jan 1, 2023 at 09:15 AM

Reading time: 2 minutes

Though Hermes is not the only delivery company with its issues, it is by far the most renowned for its terrible service—so much so it has become a running joke. It was just in January 2022 that a poll conducted by Martin Lewis’ website MoneySavingExpert discovered that Hermes ranked second-last in a list of 17 delivery companies—with nearly 50 per cent of surveyed respondents stating that its service is “poor.” Unsurprisingly, Amazon ranked first overall.

Following its rebrand to Evri—with the whole internet laughing it up—to challenge the perception and attitude towards the service, it looks like nothing has really changed as a plethora of videos continue to show package carnage, ridiculous parcel locations and of course, theft. Though the following clips have not been verified by SCREENSHOT to be from Evri (Hermes), the internet seems to be building its arsenal against the service.

In one viral video, the TikTok page of trainer trading group @yorkshirecreps showed an Evri courier stealing their stock. In the clip which has amassed over 3 million views, the delivery driver can be seen placing the package in the recycling bin, snapping a photo (to show evidence of its ‘delivery’) and then just walking away with it. The driver did not knock or provide any notice of a delivery taking place. The act was caught on security footage on the property.


Footage Of Hermes/Evri Courier Stealing Our Parcels 😡 @Nike

♬ original sound - yorkshirecreps

The clip sparked obvious outrage with one user commenting, “They called it Evri because every parcel gets stolen.” Another wrote, “No point changing [the] name if you aren’t changing the delivery drivers.” Though the following comment cannot be confirmed (so be sure to take it with a grain of salt), one user shared, “I used to work for ASOS, and a Hermes driver threw a massive box over someone’s fence. It killed their dog. Worst call I ever took.”

Soon after, another video surfaced showcasing the same action. With around a quarter of a million views, the clip claims to show a Hermes/Evri courier placing the package on the driveway of the property—without even knocking of course—taking a photograph, picking it up and walking away with it. The crime was also captured in security footage found on the property, with one user commenting, “I love when these are caught on camera.”


Hermes stealing parcel #hermes #parcel #fyp #foryoupage #viral #ohno #wtf #giveitback #deliverydriver #fu #housetok 😡😡😡😡

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It doesn’t end there. Yet another user shared their experience with the delivery service. In footage that they claim to be of their local Evri courier, parcels are being thrown at the door aggressively. The treatment of the packages is consistent throughout the small clips shared.


Wtf Hermes #hermesdelivery #hermesdriver #fyp #viral

♬ Working - Katchafire

But it’s not just Evri that seems to have this problem, a few delivery drivers of other companies like Amazon, FedEx and even Domino’s have been accused of the same. In videos shared on TikTok, footage is shown of Amazon delivery drivers in the US and Canada conducting the same tactic, photographing and then stealing.


An Amazon delivery driver was caught on camera stealing an Ontario woman's package from her porch, seconds after dropping it off. #fy #foryou

♬ original sound - CTVNews

What a donut 😒 #MyBrawlSuper #SnowballFightAgainstHunger #JBLGreekOut #fyp

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Other clips accuse delivery drivers from other companies like FedEx of trying to get into packages or even stealing packages left on doorsteps—take the Domino’s courier in the second clip. While delivering the food order, he comes across another package left on the doorstep of the same property. Taking that parcel and leaving the pizzas, the man walks away.


#PrimeDayDealsDance #foryoupage #dominosdeliveryguy #caughtoncamera #youabouttoloseyourjob #godisgood #goingviral

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In my own case—buckle up for a story time—after ordering a much anticipated pair of Nike Dunks, my package was supposedly delivered. At the time at which this was meant to have occurred, I was at home, not a doorbell ring or knock was heard. After emailing the delivery company, I was informed that indeed, my parcel had been delivered and that I should check thoroughly. I looked everywhere, it must have looked like a right sight to the neighbours, but oh well. Upon this sinking feeling that my package was probably stolen, I emailed again. Following an investigation they made upon request, they discovered the delivery driver acted irresponsibly. In other words, the courier stole my package.

This back and forth which went on for about a month was just such an irritating and disheartening experience that when given the choice between a refund and a new pair of trainers, I opted for the money. It’s such an annoyance that leaves you not even wanting the package at all anymore, an experience most may feel.

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