Dear home office; it’s not you, it’s me…

By Nick Pollitt

Published May 25, 2021 at 09:10 AM

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May 25, 2021

Can you glimpse it? That faint outline of normal office life peeking over the horizon? We’re sailing out of lockdown and returning to the office, andfor many of usthat’s a euphoric feeling. Hybrid workers may flirt between office days and homeworking, others may commit to the home office completely. But after over a year of being forced to work in our bedrooms, cubbyholes, and kitchens, office furniture experts at DBI Furniture Solutions have decided it’s time to say goodbye to working from home.

It started off fun, there were some really good times, but it’s time for the work-and-home relationship to end. Dear home office; it’s not you, it’s me…

Love lost for working from home

At first, we were so loved up. I look back on those early days and smile. Spending more time together seemed like a blessing. You comforted me and allowed me to be my true self. No judging eyes, monitoring every opinion or how I presented myself. But now, I just feel like we’re stuck in a rut. The connection isn’t strong, it’s faded, and I’m ready to call it a day so I can be more productive and connected with the world.

We need to see other people

You’re turning me into a recluse, and it’s not healthy. I don’t want to be stuck inside working with just you. I need to grow and connect with other people, those who challenge me, appreciate me and who I can have good conversations with. I miss being social and having office banterthe funny sticky notes, sweet bowls, office quizzes, and face-to-face interactions. Life is about connecting and growing, and my dear home office, I’m just not getting that with you.

You distract me too much

With Netflix and YouTube, pets, gadgets, and family all in one placethe place where I’m supposed to workI’m struggling with productivity, and it’s all too much. How am I supposed to be my best, productive self when the line separating work and life is non-existent? You’re always reminding me there’s laundry to do, cleaning, folding and ironing. And when I’m with you, I can’t keep away from the chores or other distractions. Even staring out the window is getting in the way.

I feel like I’ve let myself go with you

We’ve become so used to one another that the effort has gone. Stuck in the home office, I don’t feel the need to dress up or look presentable, and you’ve affected my confidence. My make-up and perfumes gather dust. The ties and blazers are abandoned, and I miss picking out clothes for the day. That spark of joy from organising outfits, looking in the mirror, and getting ready to face the world has been taken from us. You never compliment me; I don’t hear that from you, I miss someone appreciating my look or outfit choice.

I can do better and I need more space

I don’t think you were cut out for this work-from-home relationship. In the office, I get a proper work station, with a chair and desk that doesn’t leave my back in shreds. I’m more comfortable. I feel like I can breathe with more space, not feeling trapped facing the same four walls day and night. When I need to talk to colleagues, they’re right there, and we get to go into meeting or brainstorming rooms that are comfy and productive.

You’re good for other things, but when it comes to work, I can do better. Yes, I can have a work space at home, but it just doesn’t live up to the office; the standards are too high, and you’re just not meeting them. You may work for others, but not for me. I know my worth, so I’m sorry, but this working relationship is just not working, and it has to end. I wish you well, but we’re better off as friends.

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