Rate My Date: The one where she brought a friend


Published Mar 9, 2023 at 09:00 AM

Reading time: 2 minutes

Keep your friends close and your internet besties closer. Introducing Rate My Date, a weekly venting session where indecisive singles share their first-date stories in exchange for some well-needed honesty. Will there be a second date on the cards? Your call.

Name: Stephen
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 31
Occupation: Social media guru
Dating history: Long-term relationship kind of guy
Looking for: One’s soulmate

I recently went on a date with a chick I went to college with. I hadn’t been massively into her at school but we’d spoken time and time again over the years. One day, she caught me off guard as I was walking out of work and asked me if I fancied going for dinner. I agreed as I was pretty hungry after a long shift and thought there couldn’t be anything wrong with catching up. We went for some Italian food (my favourite) and had a pretty good time.

We were chatting away and then randomly she decided to tell me that she had invited her friend to come join us, which I found a bit weird.

Now, it’s your chance to share your initial thoughts:

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So straight away, I tried to figure out the motive behind this. Did she want me to buy her and her friend drinks? Was it some sort of thing to make her feel more comfortable? Or was it for some other reason? Either way, I found this all very bizarre.

A few minutes later, she began ordering ferociously off of the cocktail menu. I’m of course never one to judge, and we were having a fun time, but when she insisted on pre-ordering a bottle of wine for her friend, I began to feel slightly uncomfortable.

Time to vote again, how’s it looking so far?

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The night continued and, knowing that her friend would be arriving shortly, I tried to come up with an escape route. I messaged my mate and asked him to give me a call, instructing him to say on the phone that there had been an emergency and he needed my help. Thankfully, he didn’t hang about and soon my phone was buzzing on the table. I picked up—put it on loudspeaker to really make an impact—and reacted appropriately as my friend lied down the phone that he’d just been dumped and was needing some brotherly support.

This worked like a charm and gave me an opportunity to leave the situation as I feel it would have been super awkward. We’ve been messaging here and there since and if she had wanted to continue the night just the two of us I’m sure that the evening would’ve been much more of a success. Should I try and organise a second round or accept that she might’ve just been using me for the free spaghetti?

Final say, final vote:

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