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Lesbian couple who think they may be siblings are going to keep dating

The internet, in all its glory, comes with many positives and negatives. One day you might find the perfect skincare brand you’ve been manifesting for ages—and it’s affordable!—while on another you might come across a video where a couple realise they might be siblings. I’m sorry to say that today is one of the latter days…

Carley and Mercedes, who are popular on both TikTok and (more recently) OnlyFans, have been dating for about two years now. Though the two women have seen much success on both apps for a while now, it was only four days ago that their content went truly viral. In their initial clip, which now has more than 8.1 million views, 1.2 million likes and just under 8,000 comments, Carley and Mercedes revealed the possibility of them sharing the same father.

What’s worse is that they don’t seem to think that’s enough for them to call it quits or at least take a break while they await the results of a DNA test. In fact, they haven’t even taken a test at all as of yet. In the video’s caption, the couple asked their followers, “Should we take a DNA test?” while in a pinned comment, they further questioned, “If we’re actually related, is it wrong to stay together?”


Should we take a DNA test? #siblingsordating #fyp #foryou #wlw #xyzbca

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Though I personally have my own doubts regarding the veracity of this shocking and very taboo story—finding out you might be dating your sibling is one thing, sharing the news with your 600,000 followers as well as the fact that you might stay together is another—it didn’t stop the video from rapidly spreading online like a bad rash.

And it looks like Carley and Mercedes, who are content creators after all—meaning they’re driven by engagement, likes and impressions—have noticed just how much potential their probable and so-far-unknown incest had. Ever since their first TikTok went viral, the couple has shared three more videos in a similar format to the initial one and an additional clip where they’ve answered one user’s comment asking when they’ll take a DNA test. They’ve also capitalised on the ambiguity of their relationship, having set up an OnlyFans account under the username @Notyouraveragesisters. Lovely…

That being said, most of you will be relieved to learn that, yes, they finally ordered a genealogical DNA test and are now waiting for it to arrive in the mail.


Reply to @kutfeminist what do we do lol 🫠🫠 #fyp #foryou #xyzbca #wlw #siblingsordating

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According to UNILAD, Carley and Mercedes aren’t the first couple to go viral on TikTok for similar reasons either. Back in 2020, Diana Camila Avila and Jordie Vena made headlines for being in a relationship despite being step-siblings. “The couple started off pretty much like any other couple trying to get TikTok famous, with clips involving dancing, cosplay and comedy skits based on their relationship, but they caused quite a stir when they later revealed that they’re actually step-siblings,” wrote the publication.

Speaking to LADbible in 2020, Diana said: “We met six years ago but we started dating three years ago. We met through our parents.” She went on to add that it was “love at first sight” but because of how they met, they both kept their feelings quiet. However, one night, while their parents were away, the pair ended up kissing. The rest is history…

While we all impatiently await the result of Carley and Mercedes’ DNA test, we recommend you scroll through the comments sections of the couple’s latest saga of videos. You won’t regret it, just look at some of our top picks:

Lesbian couple who think they may be siblings are going to keep dating

TikToker reveals the list of male celebrities who rejected her on exclusive dating app Raya

In a now-viral series of videos posted on TikTok, Riley Fauria shared the names of the male celebrities who have rejected her on the dating app Raya. For those who aren’t familiar with the platform, and although it defines itself as a “membership-based community for people all over the world to connect and collaborate,” Raya is widely said to be mostly used as a dating app by celebrities.

Unlike other popular online dating spaces like Bumble or Tinder, this celeb-focused app requires interested users to submit an application. “Once submitted, applications are placed in queue and reviewed continually,” the platform’s description in the App Store reads. “An applicant’s status can change from ‘waitlisted’ to ‘accepted’ at any time,” it continues.

In May 2021, Raya made headlines after a woman, Nivine Jay, claimed that Ben Affleck sent her a video after she unmatched him on the platform. At the time, Jay uploaded a TikTok of what she alleged was a video of Affleck jokingly upset with the fact he had been curved.

“Thinking of the time I matched with Ben Affleck on Raya and thought it was fake, so I unmatched him and he sent me a video on Instagram,” she captioned the video, which showed a man who resembles Affleck asking her: “Nivine, why did you unmatch me? It’s me.”

While the authenticity of the video was never confirmed, the TikTok led to a prompt increase in interest in Raya.


Sorry Ben 🥺🥱 #raya #benaffleck #dating #fyp

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But back to Fauria, who only shared her videos recently. Before we go into the list of celebrities she claims to have rejected her on the dating app, it should also be noted that the TikTok user has confirmed that a recommendation may help you get approved on Raya.

In the first video she ever posted, Fauria named actors David Spade, Chris Rock, Ethan Cutkosky and Drew Starkey as just a few of the men she tried to match with. In the comments section, users shared similar experiences and asked questions about the mysterious platform.

“How do you know if they are real, not fake?” one user asked. Fauria responded, revealing that there is a verification process. “I d[on’t] k[now] why I just feel like everyone has a shot with David Spade,” another commented.


I could make like 100 videos about Raya I clearly have beef with that app #raya #datingapp #celebritydatingapp #diplo #drewstarkey #chrisrock

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In a follow-up video, Fauria listed off more celebrities that allegedly rejected her such as B.J. Novak, Bryce Vine, Mike Posner, Trevor Noah, Julian Edelman and Charlie Puth.


Reply to @karaelizabeth57 Me 🤝 no matches #raya #celebritydatingapp #datingappadvice #charlieputh #brycevine #trevornoah

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Her third and latest video in the list includes John Mayer, Tom Felton, Zedd, Tyler Cameron and Nick Kroll. “I think I should probably stop doing these,” Fauria shared at the end of the video. “I’m really, really breaking open some old wounds right now.”


Reply to @kelseycolon44

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