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Julia Fox is unrecognisable after changing signature messy makeup look for something unexpected

By Alma Fabiani

May 31, 2022


Though he was still very involved in his previous relationship (and nasty divorce), towards the beginning of 2022, Kanye “Ye” West made headlines for an unexpected new romance. That’s when Julia Fox, who some already remembered from Uncut Gems, made headlines like never before.

As soon as it became clear the two were dating, Fox saw an opportunity to shine in the spotlight and decided to recount their first week together in an article published in Interview on 6 January. In it, the actress wrote, “Everything with us has been so organic. I don’t know where things are headed but if this is any indication of the future I’m loving the ride.”

Though the two have now split, Ye did with Fox what he does best in all his relationships—he transformed her entire wardrobe, told her how to wear it and even had a say in her makeup looks. Without going into the details of how problematic this type of behaviour is, we have to admit that the rapper has a gift for turning the women he dates into modern icons.

For the actress, reaching this title relied mostly on two elements: looks that almost always exposed her toned stomach married with the now-infamous, dramatic, and messy black liner-turned-smokey eye. Debuting it during Paris Fashion Week, where Fox attended alongside West, the fashion muse revealed in an Instagram Story that her then-boyfriend was her “fav makeup artist” and the creative genius behind her signature eye look.

Even after their breakup, Fox continued to wear the makeup style to fashion events and red carpets and showed the world she could rock it without Ye by her side. She went as far as to share a tutorial on Instagram for the ‘Fox eye’.

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However, just as the look was truly about to take off for this year’s summer—it’s already messy so a bit of sweat-induced smudge won’t change much—Fox went and debuted a brand new dramatic beauty look on her Instagram Story. And from what we saw online, it seems that the actress took a leaf out of Kendall Jenner’s book.

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Internet users noted how Fox went from one extreme to another with her new bold bleached eyebrows look. We’re kind of into it and believe that there’s nothing this celebrity does that can’t be defined as ‘bold’. That’s just who she is.