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Toxic masculinity

Breaking the bias: Introducing the women shattering Wikipedia’s male-dominated content

By Fatou Ferraro Mboup

The return of the stereotype: Why sexist ads are on the rise and how we can make them history

By Amy Rose Everett

Meet the women pushing for diversity in London’s graffiti scene

By Jack Ramage

BEEF actor David Choe under fire over controversial podcast comments describing sexual assault

By Alma Fabiani

Four clear signs that prove Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland has always been a creep

By Mason Berlinka

Are the days of rich bad boys over? Season 2 of And Just Like That… is over toxic love interests

By Meehika Barua

Understanding the complex nature of toxic femininity through the lens of Winter Love Island 2023

By Róisín Lanigan

The Idol’s toxic set revelations: How long until Sam Levinson’s career crashes and burns?

By Charlie Sawyer

New French ad suggests toxic masculinity is as dangerous behind the wheel as drunk-driving

By Alma Fabiani

Why is #gymcreep trending on TikTok? Unpacking the newest trend empowering women at the gym

By Charlie Sawyer

Incelism and the ‘manosphere’: research proves Andrew Tate’s misogyny is just the beginning

By Charlie Sawyer

Wednesday actor Percy Hynes White accused of sexual assault and racism in viral Twitter thread

By Mason Berlinka

Diss tracks and heartbreak: What Miley Cyrus’ Flowers and Shakira’s Out Of Your League teach us

By Deanna Pearce

Snoop Dogg reveals Dionne Warwick once ‘out-gangstered’ him over misogynistic lyrics

By Alma Fabiani

From rape accusations to seized supercars, here’s what you need to know about Andrew Tate’s arrest

By Mason Berlinka

Chris Brown’s abuse accusations resurface following AMAs 2022 win and booing backlash

By Malavika Pradeep


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