Jason Momoa worries fans with MRI scan on Instagram. What happened to him? – Screen Shot
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Jason Momoa worries fans with MRI scan on Instagram. What happened to him?

On Monday 23 May, actor Jason Momoa shared on his Instagram a picture of himself getting a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan with his head in a brace. Momoa, who had been filming the tenth instalment of the Fast and Furious franchise earlier this month, had been seen performing his own motorcycle stunts on the streets of Rome.

Though it was never reported at the time whether he suffered an injury from this specific performance, fans were understandably worried when the actor shared his recent post on social media with the caption, “You got to break some eggs to make an omelette.”

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As soon as the actor uploaded the picture fans didn’t waste a second to show their worry. One user commented under the post, “Keep the yolk in the egg brudda. ⛑❤️,” while another wrote, “Hopefully, this is a scene from a new movie… if not, prayers up!!! Much love, aloha! 💜🙏🏾🤗🙏🏾💜.”

A handful of Momoa’s fans didn’t seem to appreciate the Aquaman star’s sense of humour. “Why post this if you aren’t going to respond when people are concerned and want to know what happened?” one shared under the post.

Even Momoa’s famous friends were worried, with Gal Gadot writing “Oh no!” and Exodus guitarist Gary Holt adding “Hope you’re OK brother!” The fact that even close friends were worried about what had potentially happened to Momoa indicates that, unfortunately, it might be something serious…

But the actor is no stranger to on-set injuries. In fact, when promoting 2018’s Aquaman, in which he co-stars along with Amber Heard, he revealed a long list of intense wounds he’d sustained on set during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

At the time, he told DeGeneres, “I messed up my eyes. I just got something in it that kinda cut it up, and then I’ve gotta get surgery. I have a hernia, I’ve got ribs out. I’m just getting beat up.”

This trending news comes days after Momoa made headlines for a different story—one that wasn’t even true! As the Depp versus Heard trial continued to gain traction in the media, the Dune actor was edited into a fake video where it looked like he was testifying for Heard. The viral video, which has since been debunked, has over 3.3 million views on YouTube and over 7.3 million views on TikTok. Never a dull moment for the world’s favourite action man, right?

TikTok of Jason Momoa ‘testifying’ in Depp versus Heard trial goes viral

On 29 April 2022, The Independent reported that actor Jason Momoa, who co-stars with Amber Heard in Aquaman and its upcoming sequel, appeared to have followed Johnny Depp on Instagram amid the ongoing defamation trial against his ex-wife. Whether Momoa openly picked a side is still up for debate, but it seems that some internet users want him to testify in the trial, so much so that they have even made an edit of what it would look like. Sort of…

In the obviously fake TikTok edit, Momoa is seen joining through video call to answer some questions from Heard’s lawyer. “Oh shoot, I didn’t know we were starting yet,” he says while moving the camera, allowing the audience to see his strange background. During this, a shot of Depp laughing is shown, followed by another shot of Momoa.

The lawyer then asks the Dune actor to state his full name and if he knows Heard. “I do. Hi, Amber,” he’s heard saying. “Don’t talk to her,” the lawyer answers back in a rather short manner. When asked whether he works with Heard as an actor, Momoa supposedly replies with a rather poor joke, “No, as janitors.”


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Following the disgusting trend that had TikTok users sexualise the audio of Heard talking about the abuse she allegedly received from Depp to, more recently, the internet’s obsession with Camille Vasquez’s relationship with her client, this latest clip is yet further proof that when it comes to this highly publicised trial, netizens have made it their mission to trivialise every aspect of it and turn worrying accusations (on both sides) into a joke.