‘Killing Eve’ star Jodie Comer named ‘most beautiful woman in the world’ according to science – Screen Shot
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‘Killing Eve’ star Jodie Comer named ‘most beautiful woman in the world’ according to science

Although it’s safe to assume that most Jodie Comer fans fell in love with the actress’ psychopathic Russian assassin character Villanelle from Killing Eve, it’s now been scientifically proven that there’s more to her charm than chaotic fervour.

Following in Bella Hadid’s footsteps, Comer has recently been named the most beautiful woman in the world using the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, a formula known since ancient times which equals 1.618 and measures physical perfection.

Clutching the top spot with a score of 94.52 per cent, the actress’ eyes, eyebrows, nose, chin, lips, jaw, and overall facial structure came closest to the ancient Greeks’ notion of perfectly proportioned attributes.

This result was shared by London-based cosmetic surgeon Dr Julian de Silva, who used a computerised mapping technique to rank female celebrities. It was also De Silva who previously gave Hadid the same title.

In June 2022, the cosmetic surgeon also looked at male celebrities and ended up crowning Robert Pattinson as the most attractive man in the world. Between you and I, if De Silva decides to update this ranking any time soon, he better put Timothée Chalamet at the very top of his list.

Going back to the most recent female category, Euphoria star and gen Z icon Zendaya came in second place with 94.37 per cent, while Hadid kept her well-deserved spot on the list, this time in third place with 94.35 per cent.

Speaking about Comer’s face ratio, De Silva explained, “She had the highest overall reading for the positioning of her nose and lips, with a score of 98.7 per cent, which is only 1.3 per cent away from being the perfect shape.”

“Jodie also had the highest score for her nose width and length and she was near the top for the shape of her lips and the position of her eyes. The only element she was marked down for was her eyebrows which achieved an average score of 88 per cent,” the beauty expert added.

Regardless of whether you believe in De Silva’s verdict or not, it can’t be denied that Comer has been rising to global prominence—slowly but surely. The actress has received critical acclaim for both the BBC spy thriller Killing Eve and Help, a celebrated 2021 film that depicted Comer as a young caregiver in her hometown of Liverpool during the COVID-19 pandemic. Having played a bisexual character in the former, she also simultaneously turned into a queer icon for many of those within the LGBTQIA+ community.

But even Comer could not avoid her fans’ backlash after rumours started spreading online about the star being courted to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as Sue Storm, aka the Invisible Woman in the Fantastic Four reboot.

While it was later revealed that the rumours had no apparent basis, many netizens and fans of Comer’s work had already taken to Twitter to criticise this potential career move.

Here are the 10 most beautiful women in the world (according to science)

Have you ever argued with friends on who qualifies as the most beautiful woman in the world? Let’s be honest here, you probably have on one of those random drunken chats. While answers may have varied depending on people’s preferences, this question actually has a scientifically-proven answer. So who are the 10 most beautiful women in the world according to science, and how can it objectively quantify beauty?

Science has apparently found a way to objectively answer this question and save all that time we waste on personal preference by using a computerised mapping technique devised by London-based cosmetic surgeon Dr Julian de Silva. This technique is based on the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, a formula known since ancient times which equals 1.618. That’s how the most beautiful women in the world have been identified and named. No need to argue with your friends anymore—just find another topic.

According to de Silva’s calculations, Bella Hadid comes in first with a 94.35 per cent perfect face. Just behind her is Beyoncé, who scored 92.44 per cent, just ahead of Amber Heard with 91.85 per cent. Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Kate Moss, Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne followed.

There you go, according to science, those are the ten most beautiful women on earth:

1. Bella Hadid—94.35%


2. Beyoncé—92.55%


3. Amber Heard—91.85%


4. Ariana Grande—91.81%


5. Taylor Swift—91.64%


6. Kate Moss—91.05%


7. Scarlett Johansson—90.91%


8. Natalie Portman—90.51%


9.Katy Perry—90.08%


10. Cara Delevingne—89.99%


Now, as beautiful as these women are, it should be kept in mind that beauty doesn’t equal perfection and exact symmetry. While these 10 women all fall under the bracket of the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, every woman is beautiful in her own way.