Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner divorce: Joe Jonas seen wearing wedding ring amid internet rumours

By Charlie Sawyer

Published Sep 4, 2023 at 12:04 PM

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It’s been a summer of breakups, and it seems as though the anti-cupid may’ve found its latest targets. Rumours recently began to circulate that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, aka the gen Z equivalent of power couple Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, had officially called it quits.



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While there had been no concrete evidence of the pair splitting, presumably, the internet caught a whiff of even the slightest possibility of a breakup and immediately thought the worst—which is understandable considering the fact that quite literally every celebrity couple and their nan is falling out of love at the moment.

It all started on Saturday 2 September 2023, when it was allegedly reported that Jonas had been consulting with private divorce lawyers. According to TMZ, which we should remember is not exactly the most trustworthy news source out there, close sources to the pair have shared that the couple has been on the rocks for some time now and that Jonas has been frequently going out in public not wearing his wedding ring.


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However, there are also a number of pictures and videos of the singer with his ring on, leading to even further confusion for fans of the duo.

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With so much speculation going on about the pair, people began to dive deeper into their relationship and hypothesise what could have gone wrong. Some netizens pointed out the fact that Turner was only 19 or 20 when she first started dating Jonas, who was either 26 or 27 at the time, putting quite a big age gap between the couple. Moreover, the actress was married and about to become a mother for the first time at only 23 years old.


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Is it possible that Turner’s become overwhelmed with how quickly her relationship has gone? She definitely wouldn’t be the first celebrity to get married young and years later wake up and realise that perhaps it wasn’t the best decision.

Other people have decided to adopt the theory that now that Turner is over the age of 25, her frontal lobe may have finally fully developed—therefore leading to her having a better idea of what she truly wants out of life. Maybe she simply desires to be alone for a little while?


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And finally, there are of course some of us gen Zers—myself included—who strongly believe that these divorce rumours are a load of bollocks. The pair have made no actual indication of there being trouble in paradise, and the speculations aren’t painting an accurate picture.


Its a no for me #joejonas #sophieturner #tmz #celebnews #thejonasbrothers #zacharyreality

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I don’t know about you, but this entire divorce saga is giving me a serious headache and I refuse to deviate from my own personal relationship theory: that every couple that features a taller woman and a shorter man will thrive—it’s a motto I’ve always lived by. Watching Jeremy Allen White from The Bear split up with his wife was hard enough, okay? I can’t deal with another heartbreak this year.

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