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Fun retro activities to try in 2021

By James Daniels

Jun 9, 2021


Many people have been turning to retro activities over the last year or so, which is understandable when you consider the amount of free time that people have had, the restrictions that have been in place, and the stressful and upsetting circumstances. Retro activities are not only great fun, but they will also remind you of a simpler time, so they can certainly be helpful now and any other time that you are feeling stressed. So, what are a few of the best retro activities to try right now? Read on for a few ideas that will hopefully give you some nostalgia, keep you entertained and give you some new ‘old’ hobbies to try.

Arcade games

When people think of retro activities, they will often first think of arcade games, and it can be fantastic fun going back and playing these simple yet highly engaging and addictive games. Many of these games you can simply play for free online, but you could also look to blow off the dust from an old console or even purchase a home arcade machine for the full experience.

Online casino games

Leading on from this, another fun retro activity that has picked up popularity during the pandemic has been online casino games. These are also great fun with good gameplay, plus places like have a wide range of excellent games to choose from, so it is never too hard to find a fun game to play in order to pass the time.


There is something comforting about cartoons and they will always take you back to your youth, especially when watching an old show that you have not seen since you were a kid. Looney Tunes, Asterix & Obelix, Bucky O’Hare, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Thundercats are just a few ideas that will hopefully be a good starting point and bring back many happy memories for you.

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If you were not skateboarding in your youth, then you were missing out, and the culture will always bring back memories, especially when you consider the music, fashion, and video games such as the Tony Hawk franchise. If you are feeling brave, then you could try skateboarding (just be sure to go carefully), but if not, you could always watch old skate videos, which will no doubt both impress and bring back plenty of nostalgia.


Following on from this, it is always great fun going back and listening to music from your youth, and online streaming services can make this much easier than rifling through CDs or a vinyl collection. Music often brings back the strongest memories, plus you are sure to be surprised at your ability to remember the lyrics all these years later!

This should give you a few ideas for some retro activities that will take you back and hopefully provide some comfort and entertainment. During difficult times, retro activities can lift your mood as well as be a good use of your free time.