Watch Terry Crews recreate iconic A Thousand Miles scene from White Chicks at sports game

By Alma Fabiani

Published Sep 19, 2023 at 08:35 PM

Reading time: 1 minute

Remember when actor Terry Crews was cast in the iconic 2004 comedy-crime movie White Chicks, in which he played the equally iconic Latrell Spencer? If, like us, you’re a fan of the film, chances are you will remember the now 55-year-old’s best moment, aka his pop star-level rendition of ‘A Thousand Miles’ by Vanessa Carlton, which he performed while driving his car.

Since then, Crews has been kind enough to perform the song multiple times, including on an episode of Lip Sync Battle. But now, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star is back for another rendition of the song and is seemingly still loving performing it after all this time.


Thousand miles by Terry Crews on Lip sync Battle #LipSyncBattle #TerryCrews #VanessaCarlton #fyp #funny #britishcomedy #iconicmoments

♬ original sound - TikTokRandomz

While attending the Los Angeles Rams v San Francisco 49ners game on Sunday 17 September 2023, Crews was caught by a half-time camera and gave us another amazing lipsyncing moment.

The clip, which was shared on TikTok, had fans lose their minds over Crews’ latest performance.

“I love Terry Crews. He seems so genuine and humble,” one wrote. “No one man has been assigned a song like Terry Crews,” added another. “I love how he gets in character whenever this song comes on,” a third one commented.


@Terry Crews singing #athousandmiles at the 49ers vs Rams game 🏈🎶😂 #49ers #niners #rams #whitechicks

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