From the trailer to the cast, here’s everything you need to know about the Love Island all-star series

By Abby Amoakuh

Published Oct 5, 2023 at 12:59 PM

Reading time: 2 minutes

Just one day ago, on Wednesday 4 October 2023, the internet lost its mind over the news that an all-star international Love Island extravaganza would soon commence and grace our TV screens. The trailer for the series, aptly titled, Love Island Games, has already been viewed 11,000 times on YouTube.

Since the series’ concept was first announced a few months ago, netizens have flooded the internet with theories about where the show was going to be filmed and who was potentially going to make a comeback.

So, you can imagine gen Zers excitement when they found out that it would not just be UK islanders returning. The Love Island Games cast is going to be full of fan favourites from the US, Australian, German, Swedish, and French versions of the series. And yes, there are also former exes in the cast. This show is going to be hella juicy.

The Love Island gods have finally heard our prayers and decided to dial up the drama to 110 per cent. I, am personally so here for it.

While, there are still so many questions that remain unanswered, such as what the “games” will involve, and who the bombshells might be, one thing is for sure: this is going to be the wildest instalment of the show yet. So, here is everything we know so far about Love Island Games.

Who is hosting the new series of ‘Love Island Games’?

The show is going to be hosted by the one and only Maya Jama. UK comedian Iain Stirling will also be returning as narrator and former islander Maura Higgins will be returning as social media ambassador of the show.

Where is ‘Love Island Games’ being filmed?

According to multiple sources, the paradise that the producers have chosen this time around, is the island of Fiji. I can only imagine how stunning the pool and scenery of the villa will be.

Which islanders will feature on ‘Love Island Games’?

It is the question that has been on everyone’s mind. So, without further ado and any more teasing, here are some of the returning UK favourites:


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♬ original sound - roberts 🍂

Megan Barton-Hanson from season 4


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Toby Aromolaran from season 7


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Liberty Poole from season 7


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Curtis Pritchard from season 5


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Mike Boateng from season 6


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When will ‘Love Island Games’ premiere?

Luckily, we won’t have to wait too long to watch the first episode of this multiverse of Love Island madness. The show is set to premiere on 1 November 2023.

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