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5 memes that shook the internet after ‘Grand Theft Auto VI’ announced a female protagonist

By Sam Wareing

Updated Jul 29, 2022 at 02:41 AM

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It has been revealed this week in a report by Bloomberg that the main protagonist of Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA) will be female. This has sent ripples throughout the internet, with some welcoming the announcement, others have condemned it by calling Rockstar Games—the developer of the franchise—“woke.”

Regardless of people’s views, the memes based on this news have been coming in thick and fast, with many poking fun at those who aren’t exactly pleased with the announcement. Here are some of the best memes and internet reactions to date.

1. Make it make sense

Throughout the GTA franchise, its main characters have been consistently diverse, with black, Latinx and Asian protagonists as well as supporting characters featured in the game. After the announcement of a female lead character, frustrated players are calling Rockstar Games out for being too “woke” and claiming that the developer has ruined the game. Are you sure about that guys?

2. Cutting off your nose to spite your face

GTA is known for having incredible open worlds for players to explore, with GTA V’s Los Santos being the biggest and most detailed to date. Rockstar is no stranger to open world excellence, with another of their franchises, Red Dead Redemption, boasting a fantastic wild west world to get stuck into. One can only dream of what we will get to experience in GTA VI.

Despite this, those who are upset with the recent news have claimed the game has lost its charm and that they won’t be playing it. Your loss buddy.

3. Keep your hair on

With so many people (notably men) hitting back against the potential of a female lead in GTA VI, it was only a matter of time before other netizens brought out the incel memes. This tweet says it all, really.

4. “No! El stupido…”

Along with being a female lead, it has been reported that the main character will also be Latina. This tweet perfectly encapsulates how western media depicts Latinx people. Let’s hope Rockstar doesn’t go down the same path.

5. That’s so cringe bro

Once again making fun of gamers, there is no end to memes taking the mickey out of the misogynistic views of some players. No need to be so cringe, it’s just a game.