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Anonymous hits back along with the George Floyd protestors and threatens Trump

By Alma Fabiani

Jun 4, 2020


In the US, as more and more people have rallied to protest the murder of George Floyd by four Minneapolis police officers on 25 May, President Trump is counterattacking by threatening to deploy the military against them. On 31 May, in response to “the government’s unwillingness to bring justice in the case” the hacktivist collective Anonymous came out in support of the protests with a new video published on social media. What are the threats made against Trump by Anonymous?

Is Anonymous really airing Trump’s dirty laundry?

A few hours after the Anonymous video hit the internet, the collective had already exposed the relationship of many celebrities with Jeffrey Epstein’s child trafficking network. Naomi Campbell, Mick Jagger, Will Smith and Ivanka and Ivana Trump were all named on what Anonymous called Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘Little Black Book’.

Not only did Anonymous link Ivanka and Ivana Trump to Epstein’s child trafficking but the collective went even further by focusing some of its threats against the US President himself.

Jeffrey Epstein and Trump

The Jeffrey Epstein scandal and the case that followed it was so impactful that Netflix recently released a documentary series about it. After Epstein was officially charged in New York state and a trial set, the businessman is said to have taken his own life in his prison cell, just before the trial was due to take place although there have been many rumours about Epstein being murdered in order to prevent him from revealing information about other powerful co-conspirators.

On Sunday 31 May, Anonymous’ direct threat to Donald Trump not only accused him of being friends with Epstein but of “raping minors.”

Anonymous also accused Trump of having a record on organised crime

On top of linking Trump to the Epstein scandal, Anonymous released more accusations against the US President. According to the hacktivist collective, Trump would have a record on organised crime, a reason given for why he is being blackmailed by Russia, a country that they claim has all the necessary evidence against him.

Trump’s response to Anonymous

Although Trump has been active on social media during the George Floyd protests, he has not answered or even acknowledged Anonymous’ tweets.

While another Anonymous Twitter account operating under the handle ‘AnonNewz’ followed up by posing the question: “Should we leak more info on Trump?” the tweet was quickly silenced by Twitter.

There remains some doubt as to whether Anonymous will reveal more information about Trump and if there really is anything new to leak in the first place. Only time will tell.