Ghislaine Maxwell breaks silence on newly unsealed Jeffrey Epstein court documents

By Charlie Sawyer

Updated Jan 5, 2024 at 03:22 PM

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On the evening of Wednesday 3 January 2024, the courts released a series of documents identifying approximately 180 associates of prolific sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. This comes shortly after a number of the now-deceased financier’s flight logs resurfaced online and brought attention to a ‘mysterious’ “Andy”… who many assume to be Prince Andrew, of course.

Either way, further evidence has now been released that shines a light on all of the most famous individuals who spent time with Epstein or were ever in legal proceedings with him. According to The Guardian, some of these names included: Stephen Hawking, Michael Jackson, US Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, magician David Copperfield, and as previously mentioned, Prince Andrew.

The now unsealed names were contained in court documents filed as part of the alleged victim of Epstein’s Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell.

While a number of these names were previously known to be associated with Epstein (cough cough, Prince Andrew) the unsealing adds extra legitimacy to the proceedings.

Ahead of the release, Maxwell—who is currently serving a 20-year prison sentence for luring young women into ​​sexual abuse during her long-term relationship with Epstein—released a statement via her attorneys that she had “nothing to say” regarding the list.


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The former socialite’s attorney, Arthur Aidala, went on to state on NewsNation’s show Cuomo: “I don’t think she has anything to talk about except maybe that if you look at this crime, this overall crime, it’s all about men abusing women for a long period of time… and it’s only one person in jail—a woman.”

One new revelation that has been made public is that a victim of the dead sex offender testified in the deposition on 3 January that Epstein once reportedly said that former President Bill Clinton “likes them young.”

According to the New York Post, Marc Randazza, a lawyer who fought to get the records unsealed, said the documents could answer many lingering questions about Epstein’s affairs: “Who was involved, and how did they get away with it, and how far into people who are really in power does this reach, and why was it kept under wraps for so long? Who managed to exert that kind of power, because the court should never have [sealed the documents] in the first place, and the extent to which the court has protected this information is irregular.”

Further revelations and stories will likely continue to come to light with the unsealing of these documents.

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