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Australian heiress who had sex with 14-year-old pleads to leave jail as she’s ‘losing millions’

Savannah Daisley is accused of allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old boy in May 2021 and has since been charged with four counts of aggravated sexual intercourse.

48-year-old Savannah Daisley, founder of home detox brand Smart Cleanse, is calling for her release from prison as she is “losing millions.” The entrepreneur is currently being held in Sydney’s infamous Silverwater Correctional Complex and has been in custody since 27 June 2021.

She is accused of allegedly having sex with a teenage boy in May 2021 and has since been charged with four counts of aggravated sexual intercourse with a child between 14 and 16 years of age after a legal phone tap heard the heiress admit to her some of her depraved acts, the police prosecution team previously stated.

Daisley has now applied for bail, putting up $100,000 AUD (£58,000) to try and secure her release from Silverwater. She appeared at the Down Centre Local Court in Sydney on 25 June 2022, where her defence barrister told the court her mental health was “deteriorating” and offered up the bail money in order to fight her case to be released, as per

The court was told that Daisley was highly intoxicated at the time the incidents occurred. However, Prosecutor Mckinnon reportedly went on to state that it was not a “spontaneous act” and that Daisley had made “certain disclosures” about her “feelings” prior to the alleged acts.

Additionally, the court heard that Daisley’s mother was suffering from ovarian cancer and that, combined with further imprisonment, would be severely detrimental to the accused’s mental health as well as being a “substantial financial deterrent” to her business.

Defence barrister Gabrielle Bashir argued that should Daisley stay in prison, her business would lose “millions of dollars” or even go bust. Bashir went on to tell the court that “she is the only one who can work on her new products and re-branding, $300,000 will be lost immediately.”

What’s more is that magistrate Alison Viney accepted the bail money and agreed with the defence lawyer’s argument, granting Daisley bail. Viney added that she was confident that Daisley would not be a risk to the public.

Daisley’s bail conditions presently state that she must live with her parents in the Southern Highlands, must not leave the house unless accompanied, must give up her passport and report to Moss Vale Police Station three times a week. Daisley is yet to enter an official plea.