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Top creator Josh Moore shares his best tips on how to make money on OnlyFans

In our previous OnlyFans Level Up class, Josh Moore told you what you had to do as a content creator in order to grow your fanbase. But when speaking to the adult content creator, we quickly realised that Moore had way more (no pun intended) to share with fellow OnlyFans users. Here are more of Moore’s tips on how to make money on the platform:

Stick to a regular content plan

Now that your fans are obsessed with your amazing content, it would be a shame if they unfollowed you (and therefore stopped paying you) because they perhaps feel like you don’t post enough or at least not when they’re expecting it, right? In order to avoid that, Moore recommends creating a content plan—and sticking to it. “If you don’t have one, people might be waiting and feel like you haven’t put anything new out in too long only because they don’t know when you’ll be posting something next.”

When you start posting content regularly, which you should do, make sure you post the same type of content on a specific date. “I usually upload twice a week,” Moore explains. “But not everyone can create that much content, so don’t feel pressured to post that often either.” So make sure you go at your own pace.


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Keep your fans engaged

While posting a lot of content in one week might be too hard and time-consuming for new OnlyFans creators, Moore recommends mixing it up. For example, it’s probably too soon for you to be posting two videos once a week like other top creators, but what if instead you post one video and keep your followers engaged by posting other types of content that are less difficult to produce? From a simple selfie picture if you’re specialising in adult content to a few exercises recommendations if you’re on the platform as a fitness coach, find content that works both for you and your fans.

“Maybe post some pictures a couple of times a week. That’s super easy and it keeps people engaged. On OnlyFans, they now have Stories, just like on Instagram, post a few Stories during the week. Keep your fans entertained and keep coming out with new content.”

Don't sleep on the mass messaging feature

“I put out a mass message every time someone subscribes. I have a welcome message along with a nude welcome photo just to say ‘welcome to my page, I hope you enjoy my content, please like and comment…’. It’s really important to have a warm welcome message.” By doing that, you increase your chances of having a loyal fanbase that feels included in your work process.

How to deal with a dip in engagement?

Seeing a dip in engagement can unfortunately happen to the best of us. If you see your OnlyFans affected by one, Moore recommends using a flash sale to give your content a little boost. “But then again, that can bring ‘temporary subscribers’. When you get those subscribers for half price for example, quite a few of them will just end up leaving.”


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How should you promote your content?

Moore explains he relies mostly on Twitter because adult content is allowed on the platform, unlike Instagram or Facebook. “I used to promote a lot on Instagram but now they’re blocking anything where a link to my OnlyFans profile is included, be that in a Story or in a post.”

Moore also promotes his OnlyFans through Pornhub, “Pornhub is great for promotion because you have access to so many viewers. I upload the same trailers I’ve uploaded to Twitter on Pornhub, and give viewers my OnlyFans link in the comments section so that people can go and watch the full video if they subscribe to my OnlyFans.”

Dealing with stolen content

Moore has had his content stolen from all of his online platforms, “When you have an online presence like this, you have to expect that it will be stolen at some point. Some people only do that: steal content from creators to either make money from it themselves or just put it for free on other websites.” When it comes to adult content creators, Moore advises typing your name on Pornhub and looking at search results that may be coming from someone else. On the platform, stolen can easily be reported and then deleted by Pornhub. The same can be done on other websites.

If you see something you can fill a DMCA form including the link of the stolen content and send it to the platform that hosted it. “They will genuinely delete it quite quickly,” says Moore.

OnlyFans adult content creator Josh Moore on how to grow your fanbase

Here at Screen Shot, we’ve always had a thing for OnlyFans—we even previously shared everything we knew on how to make money on the content subscription service. But let’s be honest, we’re not the best people to give advice on this specific matter, which is why we turned to the fabulous Josh Moore! As a professional adult content creator who’s now been working on OnlyFans for over 6 years, Moore was kind enough to share with our Screen Shot Pro members his top tips for growing your fan base on OnlyFans. Here’s everything he knows about it:

You call the shots

As Moore explains, “Because I was a porn actor already, I didn’t get the chance to start on the platform the way I would have liked to if I started on it now. I would have liked to start in ‘PG settings’ and then slowly go into nudes, teasing, solo videos and then duo videos. Influencers and Instagram models and other people who are only starting out on OnlyFans are doing so well because they tease people—it’s like a teaser campaign—they’re getting everyone interested and wanting more.”

Make sure you take your time to tease your fans in order to build up suspense, and remember, you call the shots! You won’t regret it, as it’s a tactic that’s worked for many OnlyFans content creators before, “I know a lot of people have made a lot of money doing that,” Moore tells us. However, don’t push yourself too hard, go at your own pace and do whatever feels comfortable—your fanbase will notice your confidence.

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Engagement is key

In order to keep your fanbase engaged, you need to make sure you never get lazy with them. As Moore says, “engagement is key” so if your fans comment on your posts, make sure you answer them. “It’s not difficult, and people respond to that as well—they want to be noticed and feel like you care.”

But Moore doesn’t stop on OnlyFans, he also tries to like comments on Instagram and Twitter too. When it comes to his OnlyFans account, he makes sure to answer every comment and message he receives. After all, fans are paying for your content, so why not give them your best? “Those same fans will come back and support you if you’re friendly and engage with them.”

Find someone to look up to

“Whatever your content is and whatever you’re trying to create, find someone similar to you or what you aspire to be, and look at what they’re doing. You don’t necessarily have to copy them, but try to analyse the reasons why they’re successful to then create your own version of that,” Moore explains. In other words, try to emulate other successful OnlyFans creators you admire.

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How important is branding?

If you have a unique skill and quality, then brand it!