5 tips to follow when creating videos for social media marketing


Updated Sep 29, 2020 at 08:47 AM

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Videos have become one of the most effective and immersive ways to drive engagement between business entities and their audiences. Numerous platforms are available nowadays such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Vimeo. When it comes to companies looking for broader access, digital signages can also work. There are many digital signage software free and available online that can cater to your company’s needs. With a plethora of platforms and options, video marketing has now become the most successful way of conveying your message to your audience.

Here is a list of the 5 most important factors that can improve your video quality and make it more meaningful for your marketing campaign.

Content is everything, focus on the story

Before the social media era, TV ads and print media were the two main forms of marketing. With the rise of Facebook, Instagram and digital adverts all around the globe, content quality became an absolute necessity. Social media platforms, as well as digital signage, can help in target market to increase the rate on investment (R.O.I.). Brand placements and advertisements do not interrupt the entertainment industry anymore but fully compete with them to have the audience’s attention.

If you want your video content to be effective and leave a long lasting impression on your audience’s minds then it needs to create some kind of value for your selected target market. Videos created to drive sales with no attachment to the audience tend to fail or perform poorly.

The best video content out there is one that creates impacting stories that a viewer can easily connect to. The better the story is, the more effective it will be with your audience. It can simply feature yourself talking about your personal experience and what your brand or product can offer society or it can be about a random person using your product and how it positively affected their daily life. Such analogy tends to create a connection with an audience.

Use the first few seconds to engage your audience

If you’re interested in working in digital marketing, you need to keep in mind that the average attention span is just ten second long. One-fifth of your viewers will click out or move away from your video if they don’t find it interesting within those ten seconds. In order to create a successful video, not only does it need a convincing storyline but also a quick start with highly engaging first seconds.

Short and to the point—that’s what the video experts propose nowadays. In the first five to ten seconds of your video, get right into the gist of it and then keep it engaging while managing your viewers’ expectations from there. Let your audience know what the whole video is about in the first few seconds and prove to them that this video is worth their time.

Try to capture your viewers’ curiosity by introducing a short teaser video before the start of your main video. Should they watch it because it will teach them something new? Make them laugh? Or provide insights into something they never thought about or seen before? All this is possible if you spend more time on creating a storyboard that will keep your video content tight and impactful.

If you’re trying to grow your audience first, engaging personally with your followers can help. You can also find services for different specific social media apps where you can buy more followers.

Use moods in your video to convey your story effectively

Music is an important tool that will help you add depth and create an atmosphere for your video. Well-chosen music that aligns with your story narration and your type of target audience can evoke a multitude of emotions.

The audio section of a video can be broadly divided into the base music and sound effects. The base music sets the tone of the video. It can be a slow-motion video with slow tempo music or a fast-action video with high tempo music. Sound effects add an extra layer of depth to the video and make it more subversive. Sound of waves crashing, birds chirping, the low gush of wind—all these sounds can add an overall mood to the video.

That being said, although a video should include an interesting use of music and sounds, it shouldn’t fully rely on it. According to a survey, 85 per cent of the videos available on Facebook are seen with the sound off, unless it really pushes viewers to watch the full video with audio. Digital signages in shopping centres need to run adds without volume or low volume (depending on the rules and contract of a specific mall). Great music definitely amplifies the user’s experience but a good storyline will always attract your target audience, with or without the audio.

Personalise your videos for different platforms

For better results, your final video needs to be in line with the kind of platform it will be displayed on. Different social media platforms have their own special ways of displaying content. That’s why it would be wise of you to create two or three different versions of the same video to use on different platforms. Instagram allows only 1-minute autoplay, so it’s better to keep it short. YouTube allows ads of up to 10 seconds in-between videos.

Producing different final versions of one video according to the platform you plan on using to promote it can produce an improved outcome.

To wrap it up, the main goal of video marketing should always be to engage your viewers by educating them or connecting with them emotionally. Once this is done, use that new bond to drive up the sales of your product!

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