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Which online careers are the most lucrative?

By Alma Fabiani

Jul 30, 2021


Advances in technology over the last couple of decades have opened up a whole new world of opportunity for careers and hobbies that just 50 years ago may have seemed like science fiction. Nowadays, our daily lives have been transported online in some way, and as well as entertainment moving online in the form of gaming and streaming, lifehack shows that there are many jobs that can be done online, and careers that have stemmed from this new technology. Some pay more than others, but there is something to suit everyone.

Basic Jobs

1. Virtual assistant

With just a laptop and internet connection, anyone can get started in this line of work. Basics include scheduling, answering calls, providing customer support and administration. People in this line of work can be employees or work on a self-employed basis and depending on the level of experience can command a fair amount.

2. Online surveys

This option is not going to become a full-time job but can certainly contribute some extra money to the household coffers, helping pay for unexpected expenses or even a nice holiday! There are many survey apps that people can download and do as many, or as few surveys, as they wish.

3. Transcribing

Many companies outsource transcription as robots and software programmes can be unreliable. The amount of money that can be made very much depends on the level of skill and experience, and how quickly individuals can transcribe. Different platforms offer different rates and building a regular clientele can be quite lucrative.


1. Poker

Online poker has grown substantially over the last decade. In 2019, the online gambling industry was worth around US$60 billion and is expected to grow to over US $90 billion. More and more people are visiting online casinos and playing poker, and for most, this remains a fun and exciting hobby. However, others have taken this one step further, and have made a profitable career out of online poker. 888poker offers players a range of options for low and high rollers, including live dealer games, tournaments and promotions. The top poker players in the world can win millions of dollars in online tournaments, truly elevating the game.

2. E Sports

E Sports has also seen a huge boom in popularity recently, where players play games like Fortnite, League of Legends and Call of Duty in a competitive environment. According to MarketWatch, in 2019 the first-ever Fortnite World Cup was held, culminating in a US$3 million win for a 16-year-old from Pennsylvania.

Financial investments

1. Stock market

Trading on the stock market is a very profitable way to earn a living, and plenty of people work full time in this area. Day traders, for example, will hold stocks for mere minutes, making hundreds of trades each day to maximise their profit. Successful traders who know what they are doing can make 300%+ each year, making it a hugely profitable environment to be in. However, as Canadian Immigrant states investing can be risky, so anyone planning on going down this route should ensure they do enough research.

2. Financial planner

Those with knowledge and qualifications in this area will find that on a self-employed basis working from home, they can make considerably more money than their counterparts in the corporate world offering the same services as they cut out the exorbitant overhead costs. However, people going down this route must make sure that they are prepared for the rigours of this kind of work and staying abreast of training and regulations.

Online writing

1. Proofreading

This is a great option for those with grammar and spelling skills but who perhaps lack the creative flair for content creation. It offers a wealth of opportunities for scaling up as proofreaders can grow their client base and do as much or as little work as they like.

2. Blogging

Blogging can be much more profitable than people realise, with top bloggers making six figures and working part-time hours. Anyone with an internet connection, device, and passion can start, with blogs ranging from travel posts all the way through to toaster reviews! There is a market for pretty much anything.

3. Freelance writing

Freelance writers can write on any topic, any type of content, from short articles for websites right through to ghostwriting memoirs and fiction. The most profitable area is technical writing, as few people have the technical knowledge to write manuals as well as having the necessary writing skills.

Online marketing

1. Streaming

Streaming is hugely popular, with YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and Mixer offering live streaming platforms for creators to connect with their fans. Each offers its own way for streamers to make money, whether it is cheering using bits on Twitch, or Facebook’s tipping mechanism. Successful streaming stars can make millions through sponsorship deals, adverts, and donations from fans.

2. Social media

Social media marketing is now one of the most popular forms of advertising utilised by many different companies. Social media managers work with existing companies to build their online presence, using social media platforms to run campaigns and maintain an online presence. We have provided some top tips on how to create engaging video content for social media.

3. SEO consultant

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a key component of any company with an online presence. By manipulating the algorithms, SEO consultants can ensure that their pages are on the first page of any google search, driving traffic through the site and increasing business.

How to spot a scam

Working from home can be really convenient and is a great way to work around existing family commitments as it offers a degree of flexibility that other jobs don’t. However, it is important to make sure that any opportunities are legit and won’t result in non-payment for services provided (at best) or (at worst) be a cover for illegal activity. Approaching the endeavour with some degree of caution is wise; check reviews of the company or platform, never take the relationship with the company off a reputable platform, and if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is!