Top 25 Tinder COVID-19 dating bios

By Alma Fabiani

Published Oct 16, 2020 at 11:41 AM

Reading time: 1 minute

In the early days of lockdown, we saw humble bragging about toilet paper in Tinder bios. Shortly after that in April, daters started mentioning their mask-wearing styles. As we move into the cuffing season, dating apps users have adapted to a ‘new normal’ of face masks, Purell gel and selecting your fives friends to meet until 10 p.m. To lighten up the mood, we’ve asked Tinder to share with Screen Shot its best Tinder Covid-19 bios. Here’s our top 25.

1. “COVID-free since ’97.”

2. “Usually I’m so late, but now I-so-late.”

3. “My mum says I’m essential.”

4. “Let’s chat for three months and never meet up…But no, really. Let’s.”

5. “6 ft tall and down to stay 6 ft away (for now).”

6. “My hands are dry, but my personality isn’t.”

7. “Can’t spell quarantine without u r a q t 😉”

8. “They said that a mask and gloves were enough to go to the supermarket. They lied, everyone else had clothes on.”

9. “I’ve got a six pack…of toilet rolls at home.”

10. “Let’s COVID-eo chat?”

11. “Will put on my nicest top and grossest joggers for our virtual date.”

12. “Usually catching flights not feelings, now trying not to catch anything 😷”

13. “Love to travel. Next trips are 🛁-> 🛋-> 🛏.”

14. “Oh nowww everyone wants to hear what introverts do for fun 💁‍♀️”

15. “I’m a breath of fresh air (figuratively).”

16. “Please send 20-second hand washing song inspo.”

17. “I’m rocking a quarantine mullet—business on top, party on the bottom.”

18. “Wanna join me on my desert (Animal Crossing) island?”

19. “‘To the windooooowsss, to the wallsss’ is my entire plan of action rn.”

20. “Looking to find someone other than my parents to team up with for TikTok challenges.”

21. “Quarantine and chill?”

22. “Social distancing IRL, but we can 🤝URL.”

23. “Will you be my quaran-tine? It’s like a Valentine, except we can’t leave the house and just eat a lot of snacks.”

24. “Since we’re all in quarantine I guess we’ll be making only inside jokes from now on.”

25. “Rapunzel was quarantined and met her future husband so I’m just going to hang here.”

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