Unveiling Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour wardrobe: A look at the opening night outfits in Stockholm – Screen Shot
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Unveiling Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour wardrobe: A look at the opening night outfits in Stockholm

It’s officially hay fever season, the sun is beginning to creep out, and, most importantly, it’s beehive time—and not the buzzing, stingy kind. Last night, 10 May 2023, icon and queen Beyoncé kicked off her Renaissance World Tour. Instagram, TikTok and Twitter practically crumbled as concert-goers and fans began flooding the platforms with sneak peeks of the set list, audience reactions, and Bey thirst traps.

If you haven’t been able to nab any tickets but are still seeking out your annual diva-fix, fear not, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most iconic outfits Beyoncé wore on her opening tour night in Stockholm.

Firstly, the artist kicked things off with what can only be described as a bodysuit carved by the Gods. The custom-made Alexander McQueen ensemble featured some seriously impressive silver drippings and crystal details.

Up next was a look that was giving serious Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat energy—if Joseph was one of the most influential musical performers of the 21st century. The custom David Koma fit inspired by looks from the label’s 2023 Spring collection definitely made an impact and brought metallic colour to the forefront of the stage.

From glitz to glamour, another favourite from the night has to be Queen Bey’s Loewe bejewelled full jumpsuit, inspired by the brand’s iconic glove-print dress from its Fall 2022 collection. Is anyone surprised that Loewe’s creative director Jonathan Anderson himself created such a beautiful custom design for Beyoncé to wear onstage? Because I’m certainly not.

For some of her most recent songs, we’re talking ‘CUFF IT’ and ‘COZY’, Beyoncé went full pop diva with a cut-out silver look, similar enough to her backup dancers for the group to feel like a collective, but unique enough to know exactly who’s running the show.

Oh, she also went full bee, and everyone went completely insane for it.

Another personal favourite was her custom Balmain pearl-infused look. If Gwyneth Paltrow is giving quiet luxury, Queen Bey is giving straight up high-key luxury and glamour.

One of the Renaissance artist’s final looks might appear to be one of her most understated, but in so many ways it’s one of her most iconic. It’s also reminding us of Rihanna’s legendary Super Bowl halftime performance. I’m going to be spending the next three to five working days Googling ‘where do I buy a metal breast plate.’

Beyoncé is running ‘#MeToo checks’ on everyone she works with

According to reports made by The Sun, American-musician Beyoncé is fortifying a working environment that makes sure there are no prior accusations of assault by any of its members—running, what the publication called, “#MeToo checks” on all staff working on her latest album as well as those in her own personal team.

The singer, who is set to release her latest record Renaissance on 29 July 2022, has reportedly vetted all producers who worked on the project and even rejected songs by artists with allegations against them. Beyoncé’s decision reportedly comes after the shock accusations made against long-time collaborator, Detail.

The producer—whose real name is Noel Fisher—is best known for his work on Beyoncé’s 2013 ‘Drunk in Love’. In 2020, however, the musician was arrested and charged on 15 counts of sexual assault and five counts of felony assault (between the years of 2010 to 2018). These charges largely came from the testimony of six women. Even high profile musicians, including Jessie Reyez, Tinashe and Bebe Rexha spoke out against Detail’s inappropriate behaviour towards them.

An inside source informed The Sun on the ‘Break My Soul’ singer’s reaction to the allegations by stating, “Beyonce was devastated when she found out Detail, one of her collaborators, was accused of rape and sexual assault. She stopped working with him and her team now run #MeToo checks on any potential collaborators.”

“Two songs from high-profile artists have been rejected because of alleg­ations they are facing,” the source continued, adding, “Although neither has been found guilty, she’s sending a clear message to the industry in the wake of troubling cases from people like R Kelly and Harvey Weinstein.” According to The Sun’s source, Beyoncé’s actions have reportedly caused backlash behind the scenes.

“She’s rubbed some people up the wrong way but she doesn’t care. She won’t go anywhere near you if you’ve been accused of going after one of her peers. Beyonce is a leader in her business and wants to set an example that any abuse shouldn’t be normalised,” they went on to say.

“This is why her new record is about empowering women.”