‘The vein remains’: Snickers responds to claims it removed the ‘d*ck vein’ from its chocolate bar – Screen Shot
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‘The vein remains’: Snickers responds to claims it removed the ‘d*ck vein’ from its chocolate bar

Mars, Incorporated, the company that owns Snickers among many other iconic food brands such as Twix, Ben’s Original and Dolmio has responded to online rumours that it was removing the so-called “d*ck vein” from its Snickers bar. Didn’t expect this when you woke up this morning, did you?

On 16 April 2022, Twitter user @JUNIPER shared a screenshot of a Time Out article’s headline that read “Snickers are officially caving and removing the world renowned dick vein from the candybar.” In that same thread, the user then said, “Society is quickly losing so much culture to cancel culture with how it is.” But it was the user’s third tweet that truly went viral—a picture of a completely smooth Snickers bar followed by the caption, “It’s already beginning.”

At first, the removal of the world-famous ridge was rumoured to be due to public outcry, however, it seems it may have been just thata rumour. According to the fact-checking website Snopes, the curious case of the smooth Snickers bar “may have been the result of chocolate melting and then reforming, a manufacturing error, or some other cause.” On further investigation, the Time Out article from 4 February 2022 had nothing to do with the removal of the vein, but was instead to do with Snickers being New York’s favourite chocolate bar.

The origins of this bizarre viral rumour date back to January 2022, when CBS reported on Mars’ announcement that it was redesigning the green M&M to make it more inclusive in a  “more dynamic, progressive world.” After making fun of the unnecessary change, the internet saw a rise in jokes about the desexualisation of other sweets including the Snickers bar, with Twitter user @MichaelChu7 posting “If they are desexualising the Green M&M it’s only a matter of time before they remove the d**k vein from Snickers 😔.”

On 19 April, much to everyone’s solace, Snickers broke its silence on vein-gate and took to Twitter to put our fears to rest, reassuring us that “contrary to what’s trending on Twitter…THE VEINS REMAIN!!!”

So, there you have it folks. We can all rest easy tonight, safe in the knowledge that our favourite phallic chocolate bar is here to stay. What a relief, eh?

20 food-inspired bags that look good enough TO EAT

Mindlessly scrolling through TikTok, you’re bound to come across a strangely wonderful video or two, but nothing could have prepared me for the stunning creations of @rommydebommy: a designer and artist who creates bags, purses and bowties that look like food—and they’re seriously good. Don’t believe me? Well, just take a look at this viral bag that resembles a box of chocolate-covered strawberries:


Box of chocolate covered strawberries purse 🍓 #valentinesday #chocolatecoveredstrawberries #rommydebommy #foodart #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ Watercolor Eyes - From “Euphoria” An Original HBO Series - Lana Del Rey

If you’re impressed (and you should be), meet Rommy Kuperus, a 30-year-old full-time artist from the Netherlands and the woman behind the brand RommydeBommy. Since posting her first bag designs online in June 2021, Kuperus has garnered over 300,000 followers on TikTok. Though, in all honesty, she deserves way more. Just take a look at some of her magical creations:

1. Baguette


Large size baguette purse + Small size baguette coin purse 🥖 #baguettebag #baguette #rommydebommy #handmade #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #foryourpage

♬ A Sunday Kind Of Love - Etta James

When we visualise a ‘baguette bag’ we typically think of the slick, small and simple 90s supermodel bag that has recently taken gen Z by storm—I mean, come on, it’s a classic. I have about four. But when it comes to RommydeBommy, the term takes on a whole new literal meaning with this delectable bread creation. Fashioned with what the artist states on her website as “different sorts of clay that I mix myself and [a] little bit of magic,” this yummy number looks real enough to eat. You know what would make this loaf even better? Some garlic butter. That’s right, the bag designer has even made a garlic bread version!


Garlic bread purses!!! 🧄 Only 1 available each!! www.rommydebommy.com #garlicbread #foodpurse #rommydebommy #fyp #foryou #foryourpage

♬ Teardrop - Remastered 2006 - Massive Attack

2. Jacket Potato

Take a moment, potato lovers, because Kuperus has the perfect little accessory for you. Baked to perfection, topped with sour cream, decorated with chive and held together by a chunky gold chain, this loaded spud is guaranteed to make everyone drool at your next brunch.

3. Sausage roll


Fresh from the oven: The Sausage Roll Purse ✨ SHOP: www.rommydebommy.com #fyp #foryoupage #foryourpage #foryou #rommydebommy #fakefood #sausageroll

♬ In The Mood - Glenn Miller

If you thought there couldn’t be a more British accessory than a spud then guess again—she’s only gone and made a bloody sausage roll. Ironically baked in the oven to set the clay, out appears a ready-to-wear sausage bag perfect for your next Greggs stop. “I started my business eight years ago. When I started on TikTok, I got a lot of new followers and admirers,” Kuperus told BuzzFeed on her current virality. “I am feeling really grateful! In the Netherlands, I don’t have many fans; most of my followers are from the US. In general, they appreciate art more than the Netherlands.”

4. Spilling cereal

Not only is Kuperus excelling at making the most life-like imitations of food, she also manages to push the boat out even more with her spilling illusions. Fruit Loop shoes, anyone?

5. Oyster

As a personal favourite, I just had to show you this iconic oyster bag. In the video, Kuperus showcases the process she went through to create such a masterpiece. Sorry, did I forget to mention that all of her bags are available to purchase—as in yes, you could strut down Brick Lane with a shiny oyster complete with a genius pearl chain. You might get some funny stares but what the heck, it’s fashion month. Go wild, after all it is an aphrodisiac…


Oyster purse 🦪 SHOP: www.rommydebommy.com #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #foryourpage #rommydebommy #oyster #handbag

♬ Clocks - Coldplay

6. A whole chicken

Speaking of funny stares, you’re bound to get them with this look, the realism is ironically unbelievable. You might just look like weirdo carrying around a raw chicken on a chain or an environmentalist hell-bent on not using a bag—either way, I’d fuck with you, you seem cool and it seems like Kuperus feels the same. “The people who buy my bags are not afraid to stand out!” she told BuzzFeed. “Why can’t it be a bag shaped like a banana or a sandwich?”


Supermarket chicken purse 🐔 #foryoupage #fyp #chicken #chickenbag #handmade

♬ Chicken Nugget Song - Nick Bean

7. Pickle purse

If for some stupid reason, you hate pickles, then fear not. RommydeBommy also made a Kinder Bueno bag alongside this savoury option for those of you who have a sweet tooth.


Kinder Bueno purse + Pickle purse in the making! 👩🏻‍🎨 #pickle #kinderbueno #foodpurse #foodart #fakefood #rommydebommy #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ Monsters - Empathy Test

8. Eggs and bread

This egg bundle, complete with its carton box, has perhaps been inspired by the many trips Kuperus made to local grocery stores. “It always feel[s] like I’m walking in an art museum when I’m walking around in a grocery store. I started making food-inspired accessories when I couldn’t find them in stores and online shops,” she told the publication. 

And no grocery shop would be complete without a loaf of bread:


Loaf of bread purse 🍞 #fakefood #foodart #breadbag #foodpurse #rommydebommy #fyp #foryou #foryourpage

♬ Under The Pressure - The War On Drugs

9. Sponge cake

If you’re confused as to how these actually work as functional bags, then don’t worry, you’re not alone. Where do your things actually go? While they look like solid objects, they are of course hollow and fitted with a large zipped pocket hole. “The material I am mostly using is white clay, which I mix by myself. Then it needs to dry for at least a week before I can make it hollow from the inside, and after that, it needs to dry for another week before I can paint it,” Kuperus told BuzzFeed.

“After painting, it will get a couple of gloss protection coats. The last part is the handmade lining, sewing, and attaching the hardware to the bag,” she continued.

10. Fish and chips

All this is missing is some gravy sauce…

11. Macaron

Another one for the books, this bag will set you back £416.79 via the RommydeBommy online shop (which is currently out of stock). You’ll also find a hotdog bag, chicken nugget purses, a croissant handbag, a cappuccino purse, a breakfast plate backpack (complete with fried egg, bacon and pancakes), a tortellini bag (which I could definitely see on the runway) and even a purse made out of ‘ground beef’ to buy. So, screw saving your shmoney for a boring Gucci bag, grab a half-eaten macaron instead…


Half eaten macaron purse ✨ #macaron #macaronpurse #macaronbag #foodpurse #foodart #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #rommydebommy

♬ Out of the Blue - Freak Slug

“I actually get really inspired by pastry chef accounts on Instagram,” Kuperus told The Sun. “My designs are full of energy, a complete explosion with a sense of humour.”

12. Onions

These gorgeous onion coin purses are guaranteed to bring tears to your eye—happy ones, of course.


Onion purses 🧅 SHOP: www.rommydebommy.com #foodart #fakefood #onions #redonion #rommydebommy #fyp #foryou #foryourpage

♬ Indie Pop Type Beat - Billy Marchiafava

13. Pad

But the brand RommydeBommy doesn’t just box itself into food bags because, well, that would be boring. No, Kuperus also fashions other inanimate objects into purses that will make people’s heads turn.

14. Avocado toast

Although she mentioned to BuzzFeed that the bags are made of clay, don’t let this put you off because of any perceived notions that it’s not durable. “The purses are made out of different sorts of foams. Mostly I use a soft version which will dry after a couple of days and become really hard and strong,” she told Bored Panda. “It’s a real piece of art which has a practical function.”

She also explained via her website’s FAQ that her creations are durable, they just need proper care: “Every single piece is handmade, which means you should be really careful with it. If you drop it on the ground it will definitely be okay, but don’t let your dog play with it. Just make sure to love and care for the bag, then it can be forever!”

15. Ginger root

Continuing further on her page, Kuperus wrote: “I wouldn’t call it a bag if it wasn’t a bag. They are definitely functional, it depends on which bag (you can find this information in the details of the product). Most of my bags have space inside for a phone, keys, small card wallet and some make-up. Please be aware that the coin purses don’t have enough space for a phone.”


✨NEW✨ The Ginger root purse #rommydebommy #foodart #fakefood #fyp #foryou #foryourpage #gingerroot #foodpurse #wearableart

♬ As Strange As It Seems - Poppy

16. Fizzy cola bottle

Tangfastic, anyone?

17. Thanksgiving

There have been a lot of British favourites on the list, but now it’s time for the Americans to get their fix with this plate of Thanksgiving dinner—giving takeaway leftovers a whole new meaning.Don’t worry, the purses are “super lightweight. The chain hanging on the bag is normally heavier than the bag itself,” she continued on her website.


Thanksgiving food plate purse in the making 🦃 #thanksgivingfood #foodbag #foodpurse #fakefood #foodart #rommydebommy #fyp #foryou #foryourpage

♬ Take A Look Around - Limp Bizkit

18. Blueberry waffle purse

In one of her most viewed videos (which has been watched 2.3 million times so far), Kuperus shows the step-by-step process of assembling what she calls her blueberry waffle purse. There is just something about the designer’s creations that have you hooked and it’s all to do with her obsession with the aesthetics of food. “Since I was little, I was quite obsessed with food. Not so [much] how it tastes, but more so how it looks,” she told BuzzFeed. “All those different shapes and colours you find in the grocery store are absolutely amazing.”


Blueberry waffle purse in the making 🧇🫐 #blueberrywaffle #waffle #foodbag #foodart #rommydebommy #fyp #foryou #foryoupage

♬ Golden Light - STRFKR

19. Tea bag

Oh, did I forget to mention she makes backpacks too? I think we can all agree that this teabag is genius

20. Rice paper roll

Okay, but we’ve saved the best for last with this one. Though I wish the shrimp in my local Vietnamese restaurant’s summer rolls looked as pink as those ones…