Exposed: The fake history of pad Thai and the gastrodiplomacy behind it

By Alma Fabiani

Is gen Z bringing dairy back or moo-ving on from milk for good?

By Jack Ramage

Aubrey Plaza’s viral Wood Milk ad accused of violating US federal law

By Charlie Sawyer

Gen Z’s eating habits: Driven by activism or TikTok’s FYP algorithm?

By Fatou Ferraro Mboup

A search for perfection: Why does the food in anime look so tasty?

By J'Nae Phillips

Snoop Dogg created cannabis-infused onion rings because why not?

By Alma Fabiani

10 festive food waste reduction tips you’ll need this Christmas

By Sean Roy Parker

Meet Cedrik Lorenzen, #wetTikTok’s naughtiest chef creating thirst traps balanced with artistry

By Alma Fabiani

Facial recognition technology for farm animals could help make tastier meat

By Alma Fabiani

Singapore launches new beer made with sewage water and urine

By Alma Fabiani

‘GanjaChicken’: Thai farm feeds chickens marijuana instead of antibiotics and charges more

By Alma Fabiani

30 CURSED cakes that will leave you in tears

By Malavika Pradeep

Meet Liver King, the man who eats a pound of raw liver a day to stay ‘masculine’

By Alma Fabiani

Interstellar Cuisine: One company’s mission to grow meat on the International Space Station

By Monica Athnasious

‘The vein remains’: Snickers responds to claims it removed the ‘d*ck vein’ from its chocolate bar

By Sam Wareing

A salty situation: Japan invents electric shock chopsticks that trick your tongue into tasting salt

By Harriet Piercy


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