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30 CURSED cakes that will leave you in tears

By Malavika Pradeep

May 17, 2022


For decades, cakes have been synonymous with birthdays. Nothing screams joy as much as cutting the popular dessert to the sounds of confetti poppers in the background. Over the past few years, however, we’ve realised that everyday is a celebration in itself. Gone are the times when cake shops only piped ‘Happy Birthday’ onto the confection. Today, we honour everything from divorces and pregnancies to… car accidents and even calling the cops on your neighbours.

And this is exactly what ‘Cakes with threatening auras’ is here to document. As an “educational” Twitter account, the social media project features all sorts of creations—from the most comical cakes to the downright bizarre ones that will haunt your dreams forever.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the whisk with us and scroll through these cursed cakes that will make you believe there are two types of people on the internet today: those who bake and those who get baked.


Is that… ketchup?


Threat or a delightful promise? Depends on who you ask.


Corporate needs you to find all the cakes in this picture.


I have so many questions but none that I want answered.


Pro tip: add laxatives to the frosting.


How does one successfully eat this?


Do better or do batter, I guess.


Who you gonna call?


For some reason, I don’t think this was a mistake.


Reminds me of the time when people were making popsicles with positive pregnancy tests to break the news to their partners.


Same, Elmo. Same.


Who wants to eat this certified freak, seven days a week?


Introducing the inedible Hulk.


Charmander looks a bit too baked here.


Is it just me or does the lack of apostrophe bother anyone else?


Have you ever felt a cake?


Robert Pattinson and the cult of the dissociative pout.


Eat my sad face, you must!


2020core called, they want their poster child back.


Me when:


Congratulations, you’ve been rickrolled by a cake.


Perry the Platypus, is that you?


Okay, this one officially takes the cake.


All Cakes Are Baked (ACAB).


History in the baking.


New frosting, who dis?


Bake it till you make it.


Quick, make a wish.


Take another slice of this, you will.


Everything about this is pure evil.