Brooklyn Beckham launches London pop-up restaurant to bless us with his cooking

By Charlie Sawyer

Published Jan 18, 2024 at 11:35 AM

Reading time: 1 minute

Our favourite resident chef is back on the scene. Brooklyn Beckham has decided to ruin everyone’s January by opening a pop-up restaurant in London. The 24-year-old has faced a lot of criticism and well, childish bullying, in the past for his cooking passion.

Beckham regularly shows off his love for cooking online, sharing recipes and his favourite ways to whip up a dish or two. I’m no expert—I’m a HelloFresh girl through and through—but even I have to admit that some of Beckham’s creations are a bit suss. Can you just call yourself a chef these days if you blowtorch a toastie?


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I think one of my favourite moments was when he referred to himself as a chef in a viral TikTok video with content creator Daniel Mac. Mac’s known for going around Los Angeles and asking individuals in extremely expensive-looking cars what their profession is. Beckham decided to ditch the nepo baby label and go straight for delusion. Now, whether or not this was a big ol’ joke or real, I’m not 100 per cent sure. Either way, people ate it up.


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While making fun of nepotism babies can sometimes get old, I think there’s something particularly admirable about Beckham—he never lets it get him down.

According to Huffington Post UK, the eldest Beckham sibling has teamed up with Uber Eats to launch his own pop-up restaurant in London next week, from which you can have some of the “chef’s” favourites sent straight to your home.

Brooklyn revealed: “My Nanny Peggy taught me how to make her English Breakfast sandwich when I was 5, and it’s been my favourite ever since. I’ve always been into trying different foods, cuisines, and cultures, but that was one of my earliest memories of loving cooking.”

“Spending time in the kitchen is definitely something me and my dad bond over… Even though I think I make my English Breakfast sandwich better, he does make a pretty good one!” he continued.

Among the five dishes on offer are his spin on chicken tikka masala, his wagyu bolognese and, of course, his infamous breakfast sandwich. You know every Gen Zer is going to be desperate to sample some of Brooklyn’s infamous food… Right?

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