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Machine Gun Kelly spills the tea about his paranormal experience

On the evening of Wednesday 30 March 2022, Machine Gun Kelly went live on the social-audio app Stationhead to interact with his fans and give an exclusive, in-depth overview of his newly released album, Mainstream Sellout. After MGK announced the exact time he would go on air on Twitter, we knew we had to tune in—otherwise, who else would bring you all the hot goss? Here’s what went down.

While in the middle of playing his second song of the show, ‘god save me’, the rapper-turned-rocker interrupted it to reveal to his fans that he “did go out into a desert, Lake Powell” where he allegedly had a paranormal experience.

“I saw like 30 World War I bomber planes disappear into a cloud. I also saw a plethora of lights going through the sky like a highway—it was a trip,” MGK shared. Sadly, if you were expecting this story to contain more details, well, that’s all the artist decided to share.

He went on to play ‘make up sex’, a track where a female voice can be heard asking ‘Do you even play guitar?’. Addressing the fact that many MGK fans believe it’s the infamous Megan Fox saying this, the musician explained that it is in fact his assistant.

Next, he decided to play ‘emo girl’ which features Willow Smith on vocals. MGK shared that “my chorus was originally ‘emo girl’ and hers was ‘emo boy’,” but then she changed it to “emo girl, and it was history.”

Then came ‘ay!’, which the musician said was submitted by rapper Lil Wayne right before the album was due, adding that Fox was actually the one who encouraged him to include the track on his album.

To wrap up his show, MGK played his favourite song on Mainstream Sellout, ‘sid & nancy’, which was apparently inspired by a text. He added, “I drank a bunch of cough syrup—to be transparent, I was in a zone. I was freestyling this whole thing in the studio in my old house.”

‘He had such a temper tantrum’: TikToker exposes Machine Gun Kelly’s ‘nightmare’ behaviour

Over the past year, Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) has somehow managed to constantly make headlines—be that for his relationship with actress Megan Fox, his shady past of predatory behaviour with teens, his friendship with Pete Davidson or even to shut down rumours about him using a ‘kill switch’. For those of you who still see themselves as MGK fans regardless of the previous accusations the rapper-turned-rocker has faced, we’ve got some more bad news—rumour has it, Machine Gun Kelly is a “real dickhead.” Oopsie!

A week ago, TikToker Derrick Cole posted a now-viral video where he shared his experience working on a show with MGK. Though Cole didn’t name the show mentioned, he went on to state that the celebrity was rude on set and ended up throwing a “temper tantrum” which ruined a day of filming.

“I don’t know if I’ll get in trouble for this or not,” began Cole, “but I worked on a show with Machine Gun Kelly and he is a real dickhead. He got in a huge fight with the prop master—who was a female—he tried to fight her because she wasn’t going to let him use a real joint on set and had him use a herbal cigarette. And he just couldn’t do it because he’s such a real G,” the creator said sarcastically about MGK.

Cole continued to explain that the whole set was then forced to shut down for the day due to the singer’s “temper tantrum.” Oh, and if this account wasn’t enough to fully turn you off, according to the TikToker, MGK then went outside the set that he shut down all by himself and tried to fight the car valet guy there, “He’s just an overall piece of shit,” Cole concluded.


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In a follow-up video, Cole clarified that he’s not trying to get the musician cancelled but after his first video went viral, an actor who did scenes with MGK reached out to thank him for telling the story and highlighting his “nightmare” behaviour. Cole’s original TikTok, which currently has more than 2.4 million views, was stitched with a recent MGK TikTok in which he sarcastically (and very cringe-ly if you ask us) addressed “emo guardians on social media.”


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In the second clip, Cole also mentioned how surprised he was to see that many people in his comments felt the same about MGK and his behaviour. “Nerf Gun Nancy 🙄😂” one user commented. “I would like to stay on MGK slander Tok,” added another. “Not even a little surprised. Machine Gun Karen” a third one continued.

Some users even had personal encounters with MGK to share. Answering to the second comment mentioned above, TikToker Moriah Obrecht decided to share her own tea, “Let me tell you a story about Machine Gun Kelly so I can get it out of my system, finally,” she started.

“It was Christmas eve of 2019. This tall, scrawny white guy with pierced ears and bleached hair comes waltzing up to my counter after we had closed 30 minutes earlier than we said we would because it was Christmas eve,” Obrecht recounted.

You guessed it, the white guy was MGK, who allegedly proceeded to complain about the restaurant Obrecht worked at closing early. She tried to tell him that they’d be more than happy to serve him tomorrow which led him to go on a “full-fledged temper tantrum.” Sounds familiar?

“He called me a bitch probably 15 times in front of a child who was next to him. I’m assuming it was his daughter or a relative of some sort, I don’t know. […] My coworker and I are standing behind the bar and he’s getting all ‘close and loomy’ so she says ‘Sir, there’s nothing we can do for you, so please leave. If you don’t, I will have to get security.’ But he keeps doing his thing,” Obrecht revealed.

In the end, the two coworkers did have to call security, resulting in MGK warning them that he “has followers.”

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