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Sexy stories are still entertaining millions of readers every month

It might seem like a form of entertainment that belongs to the past or strictly to Jane Austin novels, but female erotica, or sexy stories as I like to call them, are still very much present, and we are searching for free erotic stories by the millions on Google every single month. 

Yes, we’ve all at one point dabbled in the Fifty Shades of Grey mania, but did you know that Cosmopolitan has an entire section on its website dedicated to free adult erotic fiction and stories? And what I’m here to find out is not whether the form of women’s erotica is relevant today (when PornHub is but a scroller click away and tech products are here to help us survive our horniness) but what this genre of erotic stories is all about.

What exactly are sexy stories?

I mean… it is quite self-explanatory, but the genre of erotic fiction is all about typing up a hot storm—typing and reading being the definitive words here. That’s right, the magic of words and our pure imagination still works a charm for millions of people around the world, serving up fresh naughty fiction en masse and helping us all create the perfect fantasies in our minds (and bodies). 

What are the different categories of free erotic stories?

Obviously, as it’s 2020 and we’re all living our best lives, sexy stories have endless categories. From lesbian erotic fiction, fantasies about getting with your ex, bisexual threesomes, first time and fetish to group sex and pansexual erotic stories set in space, the realm of women’s erotica has your back. And when demand rises, you best believe the internet serves. 

With the limitless possibilities online offers, the categories for erotic stories are pretty much endless. For every one of us out in the world, there sure is an advocate. And by advocate I mean a whizz with a keyboard and a sexy story in their past typing up a dream come true and pressing publish. 

Where can you read free erotic stories?

Lush Stories, for example, is an online community for the literary erotics among us. At the time of writing this, the website claims to have a community of “467,486 members, 3,252 online now, 89 in chat rooms.” And that since its beginning, it has published “56,921 stories, shared 432,720 images, made 220,661 blog posts and written 3,504,103 forum posts.” Now that’s quite a few sexy stories. 

As already mentioned, the women’s media publisher Cosmopolitan is a master of erotic stories. A quick browse through its endless female erotica section and I am suddenly four paragraphs into A Fresh Start: “The best way to get over an awful ex? By hooking up with someone you’ve wanted for years,” and I cannot lie to you, I’m hooked. 

There is also the website Smile Makers Collection that markets itself as “based of real women’s fantasies, erotic stories by women for women,” where you can find an array of real life stories for whatever mood you might be in. 

Why we should all explore erotic stories

Whether you enjoy reading erotica in your free time, it’s not hard to see why hot sex stories, or generally sexy stories for all genders and sexual preferences, is making a big comeback today. Platforms like Pornhub and YouPorn brought us free porn—a whole lot of it—but they also oversaturated our minds with unrealistic expectations. Sexy stories might not always be based on true events but they state it loud and clear; they’re all about letting your imagination run wild. And when these stories happen to be real, well it almost feels like an exciting bonus.

I’m not saying erotic fiction is for everyone, but why not give it a go? You might even end up writing your own fantasies.