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Rapper Tyga arrested and released on $50,000 bail for alleged domestic abuse charges

By Monica Athnasious

Oct 13, 2021


Reports have revealed that rapper Tyga—real name Michael Stevenson—had been arrested and since released on a $50,000 (£36,700) bail on allegations of domestic violence. The accusations come from the 31-year-old’s ex-girlfriend Camaryn Swanson who stated on her Instagram Stories that she was “emotionally, mentally and physically abused” by the artist. Her statement was shared alongside images of her injuries, including one of a black eye, thought to be sustained during a dispute between the couple.

Yesterday, Tuesday 12 October, E! News reported that the ‘Juicy’ rapper was cooperating with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and handed himself in that same day. In a tweet to its public information Twitter account, the LAPD wrote, “Hollywood Div booked Michael Stevenson for felony domestic violence (273.5 A PC). The incident occurred on 10/12/21 in Hollywood.”

According to initial reports from TMZ prior to the arrest, the dispute allegedly occurred early Monday morning (around 3 a.m.) when Swanson showed up at Tyga’s home “uninvited” and acting “belligerent.” Upon entering the property, their dispute continued. Sources told TMZ that after being picked up by her mother, Swanson called the police; the officers who responded to the incident saw “visible marks” on her body and took a report.

Swanson, however, strongly refutes some of the claims made in these reports and shared to her Instagram Stories screenshots of text conversations with the rapper. According to her posts, Tyga had sent for a car to pick her up.

Swanson wrote, “I didn’t show up ‘screaming’ or uninvited. When I tried to leave he physically assaulted [me] and refused to let me leave for hours… I’m so embarrassed and ashamed it had to get to this but I have to stand up for myself.” It was after the sharing images of her sustained injuries that Tyga handed himself in to the LAPD. The musician was later released that afternoon on Tuesday after posting bail with a court date set for 8 February 2022.

This is not the first time the rapper has been embroiled in controversial moves in his dating life; Tyga was thought to have met and dated Kylie Jenner when she was still a minor—he was 21 at the time. Again, much like the accusations stacked against Drake, in 2016 the artist was accused of being inappropriate with another underage girl, Molly O’Malia. O’Malia, who was represented by infamous women’s lawyer Gloria Allred, was 14 when she was contacted by Tyga.

After OK! Magazine claimed the rapper was in love with her, O’Malia was forced to make a statement, “I’m very upset that a story about Tyga, Kylie Jenner and me was published by OK! Magazine and I want people to know the truth… The truth is that Tyga contacted me first, he direct messaged me on Instagram, I knew who he was but I was surprised that he was contacting me.”

She continued, stating that the interactions with the at the time 26-year-old made her uncomfortable, “I began to feel uncomfortable when he asked me to Facetime with him. He asked me to Facetime three times but I didn’t do it. Because of my discomfort of why he wanted to communicate with me, I quickly stopped responding.”