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Man buys wife expensive gift to apologise after recognising Mia Khalifa on their honeymoon

By Malavika Pradeep

Jun 21, 2022


Every once in a while, videos of people spotting lookalikes of former adult star  Mia Khalifa in public resurfaces on the internet. Although Khalifa is a public figure who has pursued various other ventures throughout her career, people still seem to focus on her short-lived brush with being an adult actress.

One such person is TikToker Lya Mariella’s husband, who spotted the star when the couple was in Paris for their honeymoon. “POV: you’re in Paris having dinner with your husband and he spots Mia Khalifa, gets way too excited about it and proceeds to all his guy friends 🙄” Mariella wrote in her first TikTok, which now stands at a whopping three million views.

In the video, the TikToker is seen sipping a drink rather disappointedly while staring into the distance. “Not okay 💀🍷” she captioned the post.


Not okay 💀🍷 #honeymoondiaries #fyp #honeymoon #husbandthings #trouble #notokay #truestory #miakhalifa #honeymoontrip #justgreat

♬ C'est si bon - Aoi Teshima

What Mariella didn’t expect is Khalifa herself commenting on the video shortly after it started gaining traction on the platform. “Girl my man was on his phone the whole time, I say we throw them all away and go shopping tomorrow 😌🤌🏽” the star wrote, to which the TikToker replied, “I’m currently at Hermes across the street 😏 feel free to meet me here!” Khalifa then went on to state how Mariella’s husband owed her a Birkin.

And it seems like the man in question went all out on his apology. Not only did he splurge on a Birkin bag but he also filmed Khalifa and Mariella in a wholesome interaction.


Reply to @miakhalifa just over here trying to make you proud 😘 #birkin #fyp #birkinbag #hermes #hermesbirkin #miakhalifa #paris #hermesparis #girlthings

♬ Birkin Bag (feat. Luciano, reezy & KALIM) - DJ JEEZY

“I’m here at the christening of the Birkin… We’re not going to dunk it in water because we don’t do that to a Birkin,” Khalifa joked in the viral video uploaded by Mariella captioned ‘Couldn’t have done it without ya babe’. “This was the best meeting ever and also her husband that we were talking shit about is the one filming this right now,” the star continued. “What a time to be alive,” Mariella added as they hugged.

After the exchange, Khalifa took to Twitter and shared a screenshot of the TikTok saga. “This influencer staying at my hotel in Paris posted a TikTok feeling bad cause her man was excited to see me walk by at dinner last night, and this morning he bought her a Birkin to make up for it. A *BIRKIN* !!” she wrote.

The ex-actress further shared a TikTok skit in which Mariella seems pissed off with her husband before he hands over the bag. “When you’re about to cuss him out for recognising Mia Khalifa but he hits you with the UNO reverse: Birkin edition,” the video reads, currently with seven million views and counting.


Literal, actual, unbelievably true story ☠️ go to @lyamariella’s page to see the saga of how we met on TikTok to now this 😭😭

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