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OnlyFans adult content creator Josh Moore on how to grow your fanbase

By Alma Fabiani

Jan 28, 2021


Here at Screen Shot, we’ve always had a thing for OnlyFans—we even previously shared everything we knew on how to make money on the content subscription service. But let’s be honest, we’re not the best people to give advice on this specific matter, which is why we turned to the fabulous Josh Moore! As a professional adult content creator who’s now been working on OnlyFans for over 6 years, Moore was kind enough to share with our Screen Shot Pro members his top tips for growing your fan base on OnlyFans. Here’s everything he knows about it:

You call the shots

As Moore explains, “Because I was a porn actor already, I didn’t get the chance to start on the platform the way I would have liked to if I started on it now. I would have liked to start in ‘PG settings’ and then slowly go into nudes, teasing, solo videos and then duo videos. Influencers and Instagram models and other people who are only starting out on OnlyFans are doing so well because they tease people—it’s like a teaser campaign—they’re getting everyone interested and wanting more.”

Make sure you take your time to tease your fans in order to build up suspense, and remember, you call the shots! You won’t regret it, as it’s a tactic that’s worked for many OnlyFans content creators before, “I know a lot of people have made a lot of money doing that,” Moore tells us. However, don’t push yourself too hard, go at your own pace and do whatever feels comfortable—your fanbase will notice your confidence.

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Engagement is key

In order to keep your fanbase engaged, you need to make sure you never get lazy with them. As Moore says, “engagement is key” so if your fans comment on your posts, make sure you answer them. “It’s not difficult, and people respond to that as well—they want to be noticed and feel like you care.”

But Moore doesn’t stop on OnlyFans, he also tries to like comments on Instagram and Twitter too. When it comes to his OnlyFans account, he makes sure to answer every comment and message he receives. After all, fans are paying for your content, so why not give them your best? “Those same fans will come back and support you if you’re friendly and engage with them.”

Find someone to look up to

“Whatever your content is and whatever you’re trying to create, find someone similar to you or what you aspire to be, and look at what they’re doing. You don’t necessarily have to copy them, but try to analyse the reasons why they’re successful to then create your own version of that,” Moore explains. In other words, try to emulate other successful OnlyFans creators you admire.

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How important is branding?

If you have a unique skill and quality, then brand it!