Introducing the world’s most identical twins… and their shared fiancé

By Charlie Sawyer

Published Sep 2, 2022 at 09:00 AM

Reading time: 2 minutes

You know what they say: good things come in threes. For twins Anna and Lucy DeCinque, this is definitely the case. The iconic duo have made national headlines for over a decade with their, shall we say, unique approach to ‘twinhood’. The Australian identical twin sisters undertake life in unison, in the most literal sense. Their symmetrical daily routines immediately baffled and confused us all, however, it was their shared ‘threeway’ romantic relationship that ultimately tipped viewers over the edge.

In April 2021, American cable television channel TLC released its latest binge-worthy reality TV show: Extreme Sisters. The show’s purpose was simple: to document the lives of identical twin sisters whose intense bond may appear unconventional by society’s standards—structured in an up-close and personal format that has previously been tried and tested by the trash TV giants.

While a number of sibling pairs have garnered online gossip, the DeCinque twins quickly became the prime fascination for both netizens and media publications alike. In their Extreme Sisters introduction, the siblings stressed how they’d always viewed themselves as one person. The way they take their coffee is identical, their outfits are identical, their bathroom schedules are identical—and, more often than not, they speak together in chorus. Simply put, they live their lives in complete synchronisation.

Since 2015, the DeCinque twins have also been posting on their shared YouTube channel with content primarily consisting of vlog-style videos. Regular uploads within the channel have included their How To series alongside twin-themed life updates and Q&A sessions.

The duo also briefly appeared in an episode of Botched on E!. The show featured two prominent celebrity plastic surgeons, Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, helping their patients remedy extreme surgeries. In true identical twin form, the DeCinque duo were seeking a consultation for a boob job to help correct a previous surgery and create an even more symmetrical look. You couldn’t accuse them of not being thorough…

In Extreme Sisters, one of the most interesting aspects of the pair’s relationship is their shared partner and fiancé, Ben Byrne, who claims to be equally in love with each of them. In one of the pair’s earliest YouTube videos, posted in 2016 and titled We have SEX with the same man & how it works, viewers were given greater insight into their romantic relationship with Byrne.

In the video, the twins explained how their dynamic as a three-person partnership has always worked for them, stating that “it’s easier, there’s no jealousy. If Ben kisses me, he’ll kiss Anna straight away.” The duo also went on to stress how there is zero sexual contact between the two of them, a serious claim both siblings have had to repeatedly deny.

Having been together for over ten years, the threesome recently celebrated a momentous occasion: their engagement. Documented in 2021 during the course of the TLC reality show, Byrne was captured on one knee proposing to both women and presenting them with—you guessed it—identical engagement rings.

Unfortunately, polygomy is currently illegal in Australia. However, this hindrance is seemingly insignificant for the trio, with Byrne expressing: “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy.”

What would make them happy, you ask? An identical pregnancy, duh. According to LADbible, the twins hope to conceive at the same time in order to create their very own perfect microcosm of synchronicity. Science, however, may not be on their side. During a pregnancy consultation, the twins were informed that they had only one in 36 per cent chance of conceiving naturally at the same time.

Despite these odds, the world’s most identical twins don’t plan on giving up their dream of a family, and they’ll keep trying until they succeed. In the meantime, as the sisters have said themselves, Byrne is most definitely “twinning and winning.”

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