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Artist recreates Disney characters in Tim Burton’s style and the results are delightfully spooky

Disney characters are famous the world over, from Snow White and Dumbo to Belle and Simba, these animated icons have made our childhoods magical. But artist Andrew Tarusov saw these loveable characters and thought “What if I made them… spooky?” And not just any kind of spooky, oh no, Tarusov took it to the next level and gave these legends the Tim Burton treatment. Drawn in his unmistakable style, let’s take a look at some of Tarusov’s mind blowing masterpieces.

1. The Beauty and the Beast

A tale as old as time is now a tale to be told in the dark, as Tarusov’s rendition of The Beauty and the Beast depicts a hulking, hairy beast looming behind a ghostly, concerned-looking Belle. A simple illustration but the piercing white eyes of the beast among its pitch black silhouette says it all. 

2. The Lion King

If The Lion King took place in The Nightmare Before Christmas universe, this would be the result. A rather adorable-looking Simba held aloft against a gigantic moon on Jack Skelington’s iconic curly cliff, this is a film I’d pay to watch.

3. The Little Mermaid

From under the sea and into our nightmares, The Little Mermaid has never looked so creepy. A spindly-looking Sebastian and a disturbing Flounder join Ariel in the depths of the ocean. Those with thalassophobia, look away, now.

4. Aladdin

Next up is Aladdin and from the look in their eyes, both Aladdin and Jasmine have just about seen enough of the world. And is it just me or does Aladdin look suspiciously like Gomez Addams to you? It’s the moustache. Definitely the moustache.

5. Sleeping Beauty

It looks like Sleeping Beauty has taken a wrong turn and ended up in Frankenstein’s laboratory in this Disney remix. Donning some yellow rubber gloves and operating some rather sinister-looking machinery, somehow I don’t think the prince will be breaking Aurora’s curse with a kiss…

6. Bambi

Everyone’s favourite baby deer is looking more like an anthropomorphic Slender Man rather than a magical woodland creature here. And honestly? I’m here for it.

7. Pinocchio

If I wasn’t having nightmares before, I certainly will be now. Looking like a possessed puppet from the Annabelle universe, if this thing suddenly moved on its own and told me it was a real boy, the whole house is burning down. Nope, no thanks.

8. 101 Dalmatians

Admittedly, this one had the potential to be a lot darker, but it has ended up looking like a pet-focused spin-off of The Addams Family and let’s be real, Pongo, Perdita and their puppies look absolutely adorable.

9. Dumbo

Yet another nightmare-inducing image, Tarusov has gone above and beyond with this one. Dumbo’s thousand-yard stare looks straight into your soul, and you know what they say: “if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”

10. Snow White

Surrounded by her woodland friends—albeit some unconventional ones in this instance—Snow White looks like she would lure you into the forest and you’d never be seen again. The exaggerated, distorted silhouettes of the forest animals elevates this piece to that sweet spot of spookiness. You’ve done Mr Burton proud, Tarusov.