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The saga continues: ‘Elden Ring’ legend ‘Let Me Solo Her’ gets awesome new spirit summon mod

By Sam Wareing

Published Apr 21, 2022 at 11:57 AM

Reading time: 2 minutes

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but none are quite as delightfully bizarre as Elden Ring’s newest legend. The latest game from the Dark Souls creator From Software boasts some of the hardest bosses seen in the series and with it, a host of frustrated players. But fear not—from the shadows a hero emerges to save you from your strife…

‘Let me Solo Her’, a player who seemingly popped up out of nowhere (and later revealed to be YouTuber Klein Tsuboi), appeared when summoned in the game’s multiplayer to aid other gamers in one of the hardest boss fights of the game: Malenia, Blade of Miquella. They posted a video on YouTube and Reddit letting struggling players know that their summon sign “will be down for desperate Tarnished as always.”

Since their first appearance was documented on 11 April 2022, Let Me Solo Her has helped numerous players defeat this tough-as-nails boss, completely solo, and (almost) completely naked, donning just a loin cloth, a large pot for a helmet, and two massive katanas. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

Now, thanks to modder and YouTuber Garden of Eyes, PC players can summon the ‘Hero of the Tarnished’ whenever they feel like it. Garden of Eyes, the modder in question who makes game altering modifications for the Souls games, has recently posted a video on their YouTube channel showcasing their new work.

In it, they show off the new mod which replaces the adorable ‘Lone Wolf Ashes’ (sorry spirit doggies), an item that summons a pack of spectral wolves to fight for you with Let Me Solo Her as Garden of Eyes sits back and relaxes while the summon does what they do best: solo bosses. The summon mod is essentially a modification of an already existing feature within the game that changes how it works and lets the player experience it in a different way.

To gain access to the mod you’ll need to subscribe to Garden of Eyes’ Patreon, and will unfortunately lose the use of the Lone Wolf Ashes too. That being said, the swap is justified, especially if you are completely and utterly stuck. As shown in their video, this mod seems to have no trouble at all in soloing other tough bosses such as Hoarah Loux, which the Let Me Solo Her summon takes on and ultimately crushes.

As any veteran Soulsborne player will tell you, the Souls games are notorious for having complicated and rather dense multiplayer options, and that is no different with Elden Ring. With how spotty and hit and miss the multiplayer feature is, it’s hard enough trying to connect with friends in order to play together, let alone summon one particular player out of thousands. So, it’s safe to say it could be quite some time before you are lucky enough to encounter the real life Let Me Solo Her’s summon sign.

This makes this mod an absolute asset for players that are stuck, not only letting them beat this boss, but also continue their progress of the game without having to rely on the janky multiplayer system. It also lets you have a badass naked bodyguard in your pocket to nuke every enemy in sight should you wish it. So, you know, the world’s your oyster.

It’s so warming to see the fans of quite a bleak and gloomy series come together in such a positive way and, as a community, celebrate the game they love. Let Me Solo Her is just one in a long line of Elden Ring legends to come, and has already captivated the hearts of players everywhere—inspiring them to create their own versions to aid struggling Tarnished with other difficult bosses. This will no doubt give rise to even more mods beyond the one Garden of Eyes has created and it’ll be a joy to see what comes next.