Mother-daughter pole dancing class sparks uproar over concerns of child sexualisation

By Abby Amoakuh

Published Jan 15, 2024 at 06:07 PM

Reading time: 2 minutes

Most parents always look for new ways to incorporate their children into their hobbies. Whether it is sailing, baking, hiking or mountain biking, there is usually a way to make an activity child-friendly.

However, it seems like netizens are increasingly polarised about whether this long list of pastimes should also include pole dancing. Especially after the Pink Pole Studio in Atlanta, Georgia launched a ‘Mommy and Me’ workshop for the sport, alongside a new kids pole programme.

The dance studio announced the news about its new child-friendly class on 7 January 2024 on Instagram.


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A post shared by Pink Poles Studio 470-232-8174 (@pinkpolesstudios)

The post, which consisted of a video, depicted a pole dancing class in which young girls are practising gymnastic exercises with a pole.

The caption read: “Exciting news! After three years of anticipation, it’s finally happening. We are here to break stigmas and set the bar. Remember that—it’s here to stay.”

“Kids classes begin 3th of February 12 PM. Download the app Pink Poles Studio to sign up. The next Mommy and Me workshop is 24th of February, 12 PM link in bio. Ages four and up are welcome to attend. Join me in welcoming our newest team member and head of our kids’ pole programme @royaltypole.”

The post, which received over 11,000 likes, didn’t allow users to comment. Nevertheless, this didn’t keep netizens from voicing their opinions over pole dancing programmes for children.



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“HOW IS THIS LEGAL?” one person asked. “Where is child protective services in all this?” another user questioned. “Save this activity for women, not little girls. No way there is a father in that home allowing this crap,” another TikTok user complained.

But other netizens seemed to have less of an issue with the inclusion of kids in the sport, emphasising that pole dancing isn’t an exclusively erotic activity but also a recognised form of exercise that combines dance and acrobatics.

One scroll through TikTok also reveals that a lot of pole dancers who have poles at home frequently engage their young children in the activity.


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“Y’all know it’s like a sport, right?” one TikTok user commented, seemingly in disagreement with others in the comment section. “This is actually a sport. It teaches them how to be strong and confident. How to have no fear,” another user replied.

Another user noted: “Pole dancing is an athletic activity. It’s a form of dance. They’re not stripping or doing anything provocative. You take kids to the circus too.”

“Pole dancing is a legit sport that can build muscle and stamina. It’s seen as sexual cause that’s how we see it… but it’s not. Just like gymnastics, it’s just not,” another TikTok user said in defence of the classes.

Judging from the nature of the comments, the main disagreement in whether or not pole dancing is child-friendly lies in whether or not it’s sexual and akin to stripping.

The answer to that question is highly dependent on context. However, it feels safe to say that if pole dancing is done in the presence of a parent in a safe and comfortable environment, and focused on fun and fitness, it is quite harmless.

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