This Saltburn-inspired cocktail containing Jacob Elordi’s bathwater is going viral on TikTok. Ew

By Charlie Sawyer

Published Jan 12, 2024 at 11:35 AM

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What do Gen Zers do when they witness a movie scene involving Barry Keoghan worshipping the murky bathwater of Jacob Elordi? They create a cocktail, inspired by that very scene, of course. Saltburn contained some of the most ‘creative’ moments of 2024 and one of them clearly impacted people so much that they felt it had to be appreciated and celebrated in such a way that the internet would remember its significance forever.

What is the Jacob Elordi’s bathwater cocktail?

As someone who has seen the film and knows exactly what happens in this scene, I was dreading to witness what these cocktails were going to look like. And, as suspected, I was right to be worried.


Who wants a Jacob Elordi bathtub cocktail? 🛀🏼 If you’ve seen the movie Saltburn, then you know (apologies in advance) — But if not, then it’s probably best to be blissfully unaware. Ingredients: - 2 oz light rum - 2 oz pineapple juice - 1.5 oz cream of coconut - splash of lime juice Combine all ingredients with ice into a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Rim your glass with cream of coconut and pour. Please slurp responsibly! 🛁 #saltburn #saltburnmovie #jacobelordi #bathtubscene #barrykeoghan #cocktail #cocktailrecipe

♬ Murder On The Dancefloor - Sophie Ellis-Bextor

My personal favourite take on the drink consists of rum, pineapple juice (if you know, you know), cream of coconut (gross) and lime juice. And, while it might sound like a nice little beach mix, if you think about it too much—or if you look at the milky texture and colour of the cocktail for too long—it’s just going to feel icky to drink it. I’m all for embracing a TikTok trend, but I just don’t know if I could face this cocktail.


#stitch with @Alissa Violet

♬ original sound - Alissa Violet

TikTokers, however, seem completely unfazed by the drink’s appearance. Tons of videos have begun popping up, showing netizens trying out this new craze—all using different ingredients and variations to suit different tastes:


Jacob Elordi’s Bath Water Cocktail from Saltburn #drinkbody #dampJanuary #dryJanuary #jacobelordi

♬ original sound - BODY

I— 😶 #fyp #saltburn #jacobelordi #barrykeoghan

♬ original sound - MM

Who's thirsty? hehe Jacob Elordi's bathtub Cocktail is perfect for a night in 😉💦 If you haven't watched the Saltburn movie, this is a good drink to prepare you for... certain scenes. Ingredients: 2 oz rum (from liquorsplit preferably) 2 oz pineapple juice Splash of Lime 1 oz of cream of coconut Combine all ingredients in shaker, pump it (lol), pour, and enjoy! Lick the rim for a salty surprise 🍻 #saltburn #saltburnmovie #jacobelordi #bathtubscene #barrykeoghan #liquorsplit #cocktailrecipe #cocktail #cocktails

♬ original sound - Classic Tunes 02

Whether you’re a rum girl, a vodka girl, or a gin girl, there’s a bathwater cocktail for you. That being said, I might stick to tequila, lime, and sodas myself.

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