WWE legend John Cena breaks Make-A-Wish world record after granting 650 wishes – Screen Shot
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WWE legend John Cena breaks Make-A-Wish world record after granting 650 wishes

We might have an unlikely hero in our midst: WWE superstar John Cena. While the professional wrestler may have once been known for his bone-crushing signature moves in the ring—or his questionable acting career—Cena is now considered one of Hollywood’s most generous celebrities.

According to a press release published by Guinness World Records, Cena has had a long-standing relationship with the Make-A-Wish foundation and, as of 2022, has officially set a new record for the most wishes ever granted. Since he began collaborating with the foundation in 2002, the WWE alum has granted 650 wishes to terminally ill children across the United States and the foundation has publicly claimed that Cena is one of their most highly-requested celebrities.

Make-A-Wish is a non-profit global organisation that helps grant the aspirations of children and families who are battling critical life-threatening conditions. Since its inception in 1980, the foundation has collectively granted more than 520,000 wishes worldwide. These can include anything from a visit from a celebrity to a trip to Disneyland.

While Cena may only be stored in the minds of millennials and gen Zers as a never-ending fountain of invisible memes, the wrestler has been an American household name for over two decades.

As a 13-time WWE world champion with a battalion of followers deemed the ‘Cenation’, Cena has undoubtedly earned his place in the wrestling hall of fame. And while some of his acting credentials may have just missed the mark, the icon has proved himself a worthy actor in feature films such as F9 and Blockers.

Ultimately, however, it has been Cena’s compassion and generosity towards fans that has cemented him as ‘one of the good ones.’ Earlier this year in June, Cena travelled to Huizen in the Netherlands to meet Misha Rohozhyn—a WWE superfan and Ukrainian refugee with Down syndrome

Rohozhy’s family had fled to the Netherlands seeking refuge after the pro-wrestler encouraged them to escape Mariupol. Cena then travelled to where they were staying, so he could meet Rohozhy and his family, as reported by The Independent.

According to the press release, Cena, when speaking about the Make-A-Wish foundation, told Reuters: “If you ever need me for this ever, I don’t care what I’m doing, I will drop what I’m doing and be involved because I think that’s the coolest thing.”

“If I can offer a fantastic experience, I’ll be first in line to do my part,” he continued. Mr. Cena, you’re alright in our books.

Keanu Reeves crashes wedding and proves to be everyone’s favourite celebrity

Keanu Reeves has long held the title of ‘the nicest guy in Hollywood’. While many admire Reeves for his extensive and impressive acting career, most of us praise the John Wick star for his down-to-earth personality—a trait which has often led to the actor becoming entangled in his fans’ lives. In his most recent escapade, Reeves spontaneously joined the wedding party of two ecstatic strangers from Northamptonshire, England.

According to Sky News, on 22 August 2022, Nikki and James Roadnight got married at Fawsley Hall Hotel in the South Midlands of England. Their reception was due to be held in the main function room with the presence of close family and friends. Unbeknown to their attendees, a ‘special guest’ was about to make a surprise appearance.

Having spotted the Matrix star in the bar of the hotel, James Roadnight decided to shoot his shot and proceeded to invite him to attend the wedding reception. Gracious as always, the actor promised to drop by later, and in true Keanu Reeves form, he appeared towards the end of the evening—even going as far as to take pictures with the entire wedding party and socialise with many of the guests. What an absolute legend.

While Reeves may not be immortal, his generosity and kindness towards others is an attribute often missing from the upper echelon of Hollywood. Numerous publications have highlighted the Canadian actor’s thoughtfulness when interacting with excitable fans. In June 2022, a special moment between Reeves and a superfan began to go viral on Twitter. The actor was approached by Alex Katsanos, aged 14, while waiting for his luggage at baggage claim in the airport and immediately gave him his full attention.

The young fan told ET Canada, “It was really a natural conversation. He was very nice and we had a great conversation for around ten minutes while we were waiting for our luggage. I still can’t believe I not only got the chance to see him, but to have a conversation with him and get his autograph.”

In January 2022, Insider even dedicated an entire listical to Reeves, titled 13 Times Keanu Reeves Was The Greatest Person Ever. In almost every single example, the actor was praised for his ‘above and beyond’ approach, including giving up his seat on public transport and taking a significant pay cut for the Matrix sequel in order to divert funds towards the costume and special effects departments.

If his wholesome track record continues, it’s very unlikely that Reeves will cease to make fans’ days much more special anytime soon.