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Tips on how to help your mental health

By Alma Fabiani

Aug 17, 2021


This year has been tough on everybody’s mental well-being. It’s a fragile time, and with shops reopening, businesses bringing hybrid working into the mix, and the government giving out vaccines, everything feels as though it’s happening at once. That’s because it is.

There is understandably tension around people as the virus is still very much active and around. Here are some tips that might help your mental health during these very stressful and exhausting times.

1. Take a break from everything and have some time to escape

This can be picking up a book, watching a film, or even playing a game. Just taking some time to do some healthy escapism to help you feel better can do the world of good, and for a moment nothing will matter, and it will give your brain a much-needed break. Playing games that you might not normally play, such as those found online like All Slots Casino can give your mind something new to focus on, which might be a critical way to getting your body recharged.

2. Do more exercise

This can release positive hormones to make you feel so much better. Going out for a walk, doing a workout or going for a swim if the weather is good might be great ways to get your mood back up to its normal level. You can also embrace healthier habits too, such as trying to reach your 10,000 steps a day or trying to shed off some of that quarantine weight you are bound to have put on. 

3. Start a hobby

Whether it’s something creative or joining a sports club, starting a hobby can be your saving grace. Not only will it give your brain another thing to focus on rather than work or any problems you might have at home, but you might also decide to switch off and sit and do your creative hobby, which can give your thoughts space to evolve and grow. It can also help you with problem-solving too.

Joining a sports club, as mentioned earlier, might be a better option if you are an extrovert. Quarantine has been incredibly tough on those that get their energy and motivation from others, as it can be a real struggle for them to feel motivated and they might get depressed. Taking this opportunity to socialize with others can be incredibly good for an extrovert’s mental well-being, which can be excellent for everyone.

If you were honest about your mental health at this time, you’d have to admit it could probably be better, which is why you need to take as many steps as you can to take care of it. Whether it is using escapism to give your mind a much-needed break, doing more exercise to cut off those quarantine pounds and make you feel good, or even starting a hobby or joining a club to help combat loneliness and depression, there are many ways you can help your mental health during this uncertain time.