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The best 6 Instagram spy apps

By Alex Harris

Dec 12, 2021


Instagram is the most popular social media app nowadays, and with anyone and everyone using it, there’s a lot going on there. And much more than only sharing photos.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what your kid is doing on there or even your partner, we have a solution. Today, we will tell you how to spy on Instagram messages.

How to spy on someone’s Instagram for free

As we mentioned above, Instagram is much more than only a benign app for sharing photos of your lunch with others. And so, if you want to use it to spy on an ex or a crush, you can basically do it for free and easily by following them or just checking their account from time to time.

The information you can get might seem like a lot, but you might not be able to get some real juicy info that way. Some information that you can get this way is:

– Their followers and whom they follow
– The places they’ve been
– Who they’ve been with
– Who likes and comments on their posts
– Tags
– Timestamps

Interesting, maybe, but not that tenable. After all, the user can block you in two simple clicks if they suspect that you are spying on them like this. And besides, all the real action is happening in their DMs.

Apart from that, we highly doubt that your spouse or a child would be so reckless and risk being caught through likes and tags.

Top 6 Instagram spy apps

If you’ve found yourself hungry for more information that simple lurking can provide you with, you are probably thinking about purchasing an Instagram spy tool. We know, however, that the market is filled with apps and tools promising the moon and rarely delivering, so we’ve compiled this list of our six favourite spy apps.

1. mSpy

Our favourite among favourites is the mSpy Instagram spy app that is easy to install and use and impossible to discover on one’s phone. Apart from having an easy-to-use intuitive interface, it is also compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems and offers 24/7 customer support.

mSpy lets you not only read someone’s Instagram messages but also see the media and links that have been shared in the DMs and even follow the device and see its location in real-time with the built-in GPS tracker.

2. eyeZy

Another high-quality Instagram spy tool is eyeZy which lets you be a part of someone else’s conversation—invisibly. With eyeZy, you can not only spy texts on Instagram but also get access to deleted messages and media. It can also show you emails, contacts, incoming and outgoing calls, and other apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Hangouts, etc. Even Tinder!


The next one on the list is NEXSPY. Apart from allowing you to read Instagram messages, it also allows you on other apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Kik, Snapchat, and more. Besides this, it allows you to see all contacts with their profile photos and even emojis and stickers that the person whose activity you’re monitoring has used.

4. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor lets you keep everything regarding someone’s Instagram activity under your eye. Reading the chats, capturing the screenshots, viewing photos and links shared—all of this and more is available with iKeyMonitor. It is available for both Android and iOS, so you will have no problems with this app’s compatibility with the device you want to track.

5. SpyMasterPro

SpyMasterPro is another Instagram spy app that lets you overlook someone’s activity on this app. With SpyMasterPro, you will be able to see both incoming and outgoing messages, media shared in the conversation, time stamps on the target’s activity, and all this for both Android and iOS devices. There is also 24/7 customer support, and we should also mention that you can use any browser to check on someone’s activity if you’re using SpyMasterPro.

6. Spyzie

The last Instagram spy app on our list is Spyzie. It is easy to install and use, and it lets you start tracking someone’s Instagram activity within minutes of successful setup. Read the messages, view the media, and track the followers and the people your target follows with a few clicks.

Hopefully, this list of best Instagram spy apps like mSpy will come in handy if you decide to follow someone’s activity on the platform. Be that to keep them safe or just have a little bit of fun.