Looking for a clothing supplier for your Depop shop? Two top sellers share how and where to find one – Screen Shot
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Looking for a clothing supplier for your Depop shop? Two top sellers share how and where to find one

If you’ve already gone through our three previous Level Up classes taught by Depop top sellers Sooki Sooki Vintage and Mini’s World on how to start out on the app, how to optimise your profile’s pictures and listings, and how to package and ship sold items, then you already know quite a lot—but there’s one thing left for you to learn. Now that your Depop shop is thriving and that you’ve found your niche, you’re probably running out of stock, and need more clothes to sell, asap. Don’t panic, we’ve got you. Our two top sellers share everything they know on how and where to find the perfect clothing supplier for your Depop shop!

Where should I start?

Let’s say you’ve almost sold everything you initially wanted to see go on your Depop account. You are now left with two options: one, ‘go big or go home’, meaning you’re ready to start buying wholesale clothing and improve them either by altering them or simply by posting them along with optimised pictures and descriptions. If that’s what you’re ready for, we’ll get back to it in a minute, but first, let’s have a look at your second option.

If you think buying a 25 kilogrammes bag worth of vintage t-shirt for £200 is not the right kind of business for you just yet, then our Depop pro sellers have other ways they recommend when looking for new items without going over the top. Both Sooki Sooki Vintage and Mini’s World often visit charity shops, and the latter also heavily relies on car boot sales.

If you find your perfect supplier, make sure to build a personal relationship with them. This way, they’ll know what items you’re looking for and will put them aside for you. Mini’s World did just that with her supplier, and she ended up buying clothes in bulk from them. “She was like ‘yep, I’ve got a warehouse, let me know when you want to come’.”

Wholesale clothing companies

If you’re looking to buy more items, then wholesale vintage clothing companies may be your best shot. Have a look on eBay and other bulk sale companies to find whichever type of clothing you’re specifically looking for. Check out Bulk Wholesale Company, SYED Vintage, North Vintage Wholesale or just type ‘bulk wholesale vintage’ and the area you live in on Google.

Depop shipping and packaging tips and hacks from top sellers Sooki Sooki Vintage and Mini’s World

Now that you learned everything there is to know about starting as a seller on Depop and how to optimise your photos and listings on the app, you’re ready for our next lesson: how to create cute packaging for your items and nail down your shipping process. In order to give you the best tips you can find online, we asked Depop top sellers Sooki Sooki Vintage and Mini’s World to share their own method and hacks with us. Here’s what you’ll need to do to elevate your Depop business:

Free shipping, yes or no?

Speaking to Screen Shot, Sooki Sooki Vintage revealed that although she previously offered free shipping to potential buyers, she quickly realised that doing so meant she often didn’t manage to make enough of a profit. That’s when she changed her way of doing things.

Her shipping price is now added on top of the price she picks for her items, with a flat rate of £2.90 whether someone buys a massive coat or a tiny top. “If you have a flat rate for shipping, buyers will come back again and again knowing that if they buy a big item, it won’t be expensive for them to receive it,” explains the Depop seller. “But free shipping is also really good because Depop users love free stuff! I know I do!”

And when it comes to having a flat shipping rate, Mini’s World agrees with Sooki Sooki Vintage but she also offers free shipping to Depop users who follow her Instagram account, @minis_w0rld. “That was the biggest thing when I was starting out on Depop. I knew that Instagram would be an amazing tool to help my brand. I wanted to make it as personable and authentic as possible but if you are going to offer free shipping, make sure that your pricing is reflective of your shipping cost.”

Depop shipping and packaging tips and hacks from top sellers Sooki Sooki Vintage and Mini's World

Which shipping method is best on Depop?

Second class, signed for parcels seems to be the way to go. “That’s the best way to get your parcel tracked without having to pay for next-day delivery. If anything goes wrong with your shipping, Depop will ask you for a proof of postage and a tracking number, but it doesn’t need to be next-day delivery, you simply need a tracking number, which is why signed for is so important,” explains Mini’s World.

On your Depop profile as well as on your items’ descriptions, make sure your shipping method is written clearly. If buyers request a first class shipping, let them know that it might cost them more.

What should you include in your Depop packaging?

“Branding is important!” shares Sooki Sooki Vintage. “Why do you think every religion has symbols? Branding is important in anything that you do! In my packages, I add my own personalised postcard with my brand on it and stickers, which are really important too. It embeds the name of your business into someone’s head—when they’ll see the colour yellow they’ll think of me!” Sooki Sooki Vintage makes sure that her wrapping paper, as well as her packaging, are both yellow.

“It makes a big difference when Depop sellers put time and care int their packaging,” shares Mini’s World. “Buying something on Depop is already such a personalised experience—you probably already know who they are and what they look like. Adding a handwritten note, a gift card, or even links where buyers can connect with them even more shows that you’ve taken the time to really think about the buyer and their shopping experience.”