TikTok users share their worst veneers experience

By Fatou Ferraro Mboup

Published Aug 23, 2023 at 04:09 PM

Reading time: 2 minutes

If you search the term ‘veneers’ on TikTok, a plethora of content related to this viral trend will emerge. With unwavering zeal, people are embracing these potentially irreversible dental procedures in their pursuit of the ‘flawless smile’, frequently leading to grave issues and health risks.

What are veneers?

Dental veneers are a cosmetic treatment that is often promoted as a quick and easy way to improve your smile. It’s a thin moulding, custom-made from porcelain, which is then bonded to the front surface of a tooth. If you read between the lines, it basically means that getting veneers will not strengthen or repair your teeth, but instead weaken them and simply cover them up.

Veneers and crowns, what’s the difference?

Unlike veneers, a dental crown encases the whole tooth, working as a ‘cap’. Dental crowns can be used to rebuild the strength of broken or decayed teeth, to restore the natural shape or size or generally just to improve appearances. Although I’m no dentist, crowns definitely sound like a better option than veneers. Just see for yourself…

In the video below, a young girl shares her experience undergoing teeth-shaving for this particular procedure. Her videos rapidly raised concerns among numerous dental experts, as her teeth appeared to be healthy. Many of these professionals have issued warnings about the potential hazards associated with getting veneers.


The biggest thank you to @dentalcentreturkey for looking after me so well 🥹🦷#veneers #crowns #dentalcentreturkey #turkeyteeth

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No-prep veneers:

In this next clip, we’re shown a woman who’s clearly also had the veneer procedure. However, in this video, a professional dentist explains how the veneers the woman has had fitted are ‘no-prep veneers’. The problem with these is that if you already have quite thick large teeth, then the slip-on veneers will add a bulky layer, resulting in a pretty unappealing aesthetic look.


Sometimes veneers aren’t always bad! Here’s why! @ORAL ° HARMONY #teeth #veneers #smile

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Crown preps:

Another young influencer shared his experience on social media after going to Turkey for what he thought would be a veneer procedure. Unfortunately, he fell victim to a deceptive situation and ended up with crowns instead.


Sometimes cheapers not always better! PLEASE DONT DO THIS 😭😳🦷💥 #veneers #dentistry #reaction #health

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‘I hate my yellow teeth so I got veneers’

In this TikTok, a woman speaks about how she decided to get veneers solely because her teeth were yellow. A number of the users in the comments section pointed out that she could’ve easily just gotten her teeth professionally whitened.


♬ -

Clip-on veneers:

With clip-on veneers, people are risking a lot less than undertaking the full operation, Similar to porcelain veneers, these temporary clip-on veneers aren’t without their issues, as the following TikToks prove:


Whats your thoughts on clip on veneers 👀 #veneers #straightteeth #reaction

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Lol i hope they fix them #fyp #viral #fyp #vaneers #fail

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Creating your own veneers:

In this video, a girl demonstrates how to make her own veneers at home using a viral kit, but what she fails to realise is that what she’s put in her mouth is the mould for her teeth, and not the actual veneer itself. Watch the funny mishap here:


Reply to @b3b359 PART 2 🤣😮‍💨

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What are the downsides of having veneers?

In this video, a woman expresses her dissatisfaction with the veneers’ fragility and recounts an incident where one of her teeth unexpectedly chipped while she was eating, revealing the shaved down e teeth underneath.


The downside of having veneers is when they randomly pop up when eating and glad I didn’t swallow it! But, the pros outweigh the cons and still don’t regret getting them. #veneers #veneersjourney #veneerscheck #veneers_smile #ReasonForBooking #CODSquadUp #trending #foryoupage #fypシ

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Don’t do it if you can’t keep up with them

The woman in the clip sadly explains how you’ll always have to keep up with your veneers since they could crack or chip at any time:


Don’t Do it, if you can’t keep up with the upkeep #veneers #teethwhitening #teethcare #floss #brushyourteeth 🦷

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Do veneers make your breath stink?

Some users online have also spoken about how veneers can sometimes lead to an unpleasant breath odour.


#badbreath #veneers #dentalhygiene #fyp #questionoftheday #blacktiktok #veneersjourney #viral

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VENEER BREATH 🤮 This is why some people be having stink breath with veneers! 😷 @markiemarkland8 #veneers #dentist #teeth #tooth teeth cleaning plaque removal calculus removal on teeth rotten teeth tooth decay extraction abscess tooth removal cavity infection hole in tooth toothpaste teeth implants teeth care

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How bad are veneers for your health?

A young dental student explains the potential ramifications associated with veneers, emphasising the need for cautious consideration before opting for the procedure.


Hope this helped! #dentalstudent #dentalschool #fyp #dentist #viral #veneers

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Veneers gone wrong

In this behind-the-scenes video, a dentist describes how young dentists who are still in their third or fourth year of medical school often find themselves performing the operation on willing participants for a smaller fee, than getting it professionally done.


#stitch with @chelc.smithh The potential downside of veneers #veneers #veneercheck

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A dentist provides insight into the potential development of cavities beneath veneers.


Veneers gone wrong! #dentist #veneers #cavities #smilemakeovers #teethwhitening background video source unknown. Please DM me for credit.

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Should I get veneers?

In this podcast, two men discuss veneers, the pros, the cons, and the potential risks.


How bad is it to have veneers? 🦷🪥 new podcast out with @Singing Dentist #singingdentist #teeth #veneersjourney #veneers #clinic #oralhygiene

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Dentist extracting faulty veneers from a patient

A dentist demonstrates the process of removing ill-fitting veneers from a patient:


Dentistry Explained Episode 112 | Veneers can leak with decay if they are not cemented into the correct position. Veneer cementation is a technique sensitive process and it is important to go to an experienced cosmetic dentist. Unfortunately these were done only 6 months ago (elsewhere) and are needing to be replaced already. Who wants to see the final result? #veneers #newportbeach #dentist #greenscreenvideo

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Unhappy client

A young woman describes her unfortunate experience following which she was not happy with the final result:


This is part 1- it hasnt even gotten to the bad parts yet 🤦🏻‍♀️ stayed tuned. Please dont be rude. If you have questions feel free to ask i tried to mention everything i could remember in a short amount of time #cgsmile #cgcosmetic #veneers #veneerfail #fraud #scammer #fake #veenercheck #badveeners #malpractice

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