How to travel the world and make money

By Daniel Miller

Published Jun 26, 2021 at 08:45 AM

Reading time: 4 minutes

Do you have a deeply-seated desire to see the world but thinking about the costs leads you to despair? Do you only get to see celebrity couples travel the world and wish you had such kind of money to throw? Have you been yearning to treat your partner to the holiday of their choice, but your financial position is wanting? Well, we’ve been there before until we learned one thing.

Travel can be fun and easy on a low budget. Travellers seeking to maximise their budgets often approach a Loan Solution Company for vacation loans. These loans are easily accessible and come at a low-interest rate. Way to plan a vacation on a budget! But people still ask themselves, is there another way?

That pushed us to conduct more profound research. We knew we could enjoy a vacation somewhere in a minimalist way after saving up. Booking 5-star hotels won’t necessarily make the trip more glamorous. But savings can take a toll on anyone, especially when you have emergency expenses creeping up all the time. What’s more, you’d have to wait for your official leave from work to plan the trip. We totally understand your predicament.

There had to be a better way to have a steady income stream while travelling. We just had to look in the right places. Little did we know we would be in for a surprise!

How to make money travelling

You have to be flexible if this plan is to work out. That’s the only prerequisite if you’ll continue reading. Flexibility means you have to be open to and will do anything to make money travelling. We won’t ask you to be a spy James Bond style. You also don’t have to be a language guru. All you need is a massive ability to be open to new opportunities, learning, and relearning.

Teaching others

We are all unique in different ways. Someone out there may very much need your strong and unique skills. In fact, you can rest assured that someone is looking for what you have to offer and is willing to pay good money. Your only task now is to locate them.

Creative individuals have found efficient avenues of where to make money fast using their skill set. Do you enjoy scuba diving? Well, a lot of tourists don’t know how to do it. Getting yourself a scuba certification shows your authenticity and proficiency. With that, you can explore amazing countries such as Egypt, the Maldives, the Philippines, Mexico, or Hawaii.

Other similar skills could come in handy too. You can settle on becoming a surf instructor and get a chance to make easy money in any country with a beach. Similarly, if your cooking skills are spot-on, you can pursue a career as a cook in a foreign country and introduce a special dish. Is the love for music taking a toll on you? Be bold and try street performance and see how many people approve of your talent!

So you see, you can practically share a piece of yourself with the world. The question is, what do you have to give?

Laid back and indoorsy gigs

Generally, when people ask what the ways to make money from home are, freelancing tends to be the first thought. However, most people fail to realise that freelancing is broad and wide, with plenty of careers. It’s the modern-day number one option for most people wondering how to make money online.

Not to worry though, you don’t have to write a killer blog for you to be a freelancer. Find out what skill sets can work to your advantage on these freelance sites. If working outdoors isn’t your thing, then perhaps you might find a valuable and easy-to-learn skill in freelancing. Don’t sweat it; you don’t need a college degree to be a fantastic freelancer.

More appealing ideas

Pilots and flight attendants are among the people who travel most of all. Airlines have a whole list of requirements if you hope to join either of these careers. But here is one overlooked place where to make money in 2021: a cruise ship.

Essentially, you get paid to travel. Most people value water travel over air travel as they enjoy more time with extensive scenery. If water travel is something viable and flexible for you, then you’re in for a treat! Cruise ships require diverse personnel, from massage therapists (a skill you can use anywhere worldwide) to hairstylists, chefs, nurses, DJs, receptionists, bartenders, casino staff, and more. The list is virtually endless. Think of any job position you can find in a hotel, and you’ll find that on a cruise.

Alternatively, you can make money on a sailboat or yacht if you don’t struggle with seasickness. You may not be paid for all the crew assignments, but at least you’ll get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit some of the places even the 1 per cent of the global population don’t get to see.


If you have a camera or an incredible smartphone and constantly find yourself taking photos, you should consider turning it into a career. Garner an audience on professional sites such as 500px or Instagram. Create a professional portfolio and find out ways to market yourself. This, like any other social media gig, may take time to build up. Nonetheless, it’s one potent way to make money and have financial independence eventually.

Teacher and translator

If your English skills are epic, you can think of teaching English in Japan, South Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. You’ll be surprised at how much you can earn as a certified English teacher abroad. Who knew English was prized that highly?

You can rely on matching websites such as Transitions Abroad and Dave’s ESL to find locations where your skill sets are relevant. Alternatively, you can also check ESL teacher groups on Facebook for first-hand experience. However, if you’ve learned another language, a translator job may pay you even higher.

Online jobs worth considering

This should act as a bonus. The jobs mentioned below may require a little bit more experience. Luckily for you, it’s something you can learn and enjoy doing. Better still, these nine jobs can earn you five or six-figure digits while still travelling. Which are they?

– Graphic and web designing
Website and app tester
Social media manager
Virtual assistant
SEO expert

Whether you choose to be a social media influencer and make good money on YouTube, or a street performer, there’s always something for you out there. The skills may differ, but the goal is to make money while exploring the world at the end of the day. Could it get any more adventurous than that?

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